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{Wish List} : Kit Kat Boutique,Japan

26 August 2014

Happy Tuesday!
Today post was inspired by my cubicle neighbor. Thanks Ijan for inspired me. 
Its about my favorite KitKat chocolate bar or more specific, Green Tea Kit Kat. Oh man! I been love this Kit Kat since I know its exist.Get ready for mouth watering if you fan of KitKat.haha.
Some of my friends noticed that I love Green Tea Kit Kat so whenever they went to Japan for business trip or vacation, they bought Green Tea Kit Kat as souvenir and sometime, I will ask them to buy for me because its so hard to find it at Malaysia for this moment.
So, what the relation between Kit Kat Boutique with my craziness over Green Tea Kit Kat?
Have you heard there "Kit Kat Boutique" at Japan?

My first time heard of this when I browsing Youtube video on TV. You can check the video as below  or if you can't open it, search for 
World's First KIT KAT STORE in Tokyo in Youtube.

The video is about the Kit Kat Boutique at Japan. 
 I been dreaming go to Japan for so long, if I ever have chance I will visit this boutique for sure, no matter what! When I go there, I will buy green tea Kit Kat as much as I can! I don't care about other things except Disneyland..haha, Disneyland is another must go places.haha
So, here is the special kit kat that always make me smile and happy whenever I ate it. The flavor just right and I really love the smell ( Green Tea lover).

You can write something here and give it to someone that you really care! Talking about secret admirer..ehem!

Here is how its look like! I don't know how to open it properly so its cracked! 

Here the Green Tea Kit kat for you!haha..

Last but not least, thanks Ija, for make my craving over green tea kit kat is over now..and not to forget lovely Maznee for giving up her green tea kit kat( she can't eat something really sweet now). I really enjoy my green tea kit kat today. Hopefully, I can get as much as possible green tea kit kat after this on my own.haha

Take care everyone!


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