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Wondering all the time

21 August 2014

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Hi my dear friends!
Hope you have a good time.
Today, I want to share my random thought of this world. As you can see above photo, I always wondering, is this place ever exist? Is this place just someone imagination and she/he painting it? I was wondering about this all the time. Honestly, I can't believe this place is exist.
If this place ever exist, then I will be so amazed! and what a wonderful place to live. I really wanted to spend my whole life in this kind of places.Green environment, quite places and mother nature is surround me, what a wonderful life, that is the definition of good life for me. Sometime, I feel so ungrateful to lived in such a humid and no four season country, sometime I feel so boring live in the same place and same environment. I always love the transition, that why I want to experience the transition from summer to fall to spring and winter ( my wish list to experience winter). I wished I can experience that in my life, so my life going to be so wonderful and I am not regret to die after that.
Now, I close my eyes and make a wish I ever experience this kind of places.
Good night!

Keriitleto ranger!

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