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Outfit Diary: Kimono cardigan + skirt | Make it yourself

Here is another post about my blue kimono cardigan. I having fun with it now, so whenever I feel fun with something, I can't wait to share it on my blog. My blog is like my best friend forever (BFF) now, I share anything that I like with her except something that very personal, I won't let she know anything about my personal life..haha, maybe I just give hint to her.Okay, move to main topic. Its all about kimono cardigan and skirt pairing.
Do you think this is great pairing?
I hope yes, because I make effort to pair this 2 items here.
Enjoy the photos.

Outfit Diary: Sweaters love | Be true to yourself

Happy Monday!
I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday, hopefully no Monday blues! If you have Monday blues, I think its already okay now, right? You feel a lot better now for sure and another rough day is gone, so you should be happy with that!
As for me, I trying my best to avoid Monday blues because I really hate that feeling.But, sometime it can't be helped..still I have Monday blues.
You may realized, I have the same background as  my photo yesterday..haha, obviously its taken yesterday too and I post it today so please don't be boring with my white wall, I love it now(hehe).
Today, I want to talk about sweaters. Do you love wearing sweaters?In our humid weather, sometime sweaters is not always the right outfits to wear but its depends on the sweaters material too. But, if you know when to wear it than should be okay. I recommend you to buy something that "light" and not the one for winter season unless you have chance to travel during winter season then should be okay.
For me, I love wearing sweaters when rainy day..I feel so warm and great! If hot coffee is there too then that day is perfect!
Actually, this sweaters is cropped sweaters but since my body is short, so it not like cropped sweaters anymore..haha. I just tuck in the sweaters inside my skirt and there you go!
Hope you'll enjoy the photos.


Outfit Diary: Blue kimono cardigan

Hello my dear friends!
Thanks for stopping by on my tiny tiny blog, hope you'll enjoy your day today. I know, for someone that need to work Monday ~ Friday, this time quite "critical" right now because the time almost over..ahaha. When I started working, I never feel Sunday the way I feel when I was student. During my student time, sometime I don't have Monday morning class, so I don't bother what is Monday blues. But, when I start working, ermm..I can feel the Monday blues.If you ever wonder what Monday blues feel like, just wait and go to work, or in super simple description, I feel everything feel not right, and your body totally refused to do anything..that's Monday blues.
Talking about blue, I can't wait to share this little project of mine. It DIY kimono cardigan ( unfinished version.ahaha)..I just can't wait to share it with you guys on the blog. I am so impatient when comes to this. Next, I will share the tutorial how to make this easy kimono cardigan or you can buy it on my shop later on.
Wait ya! 
For now, enjoy the photo. :)

Outfit Diary : White shirt & Blue Jeans | Flower basket

Happy Sunday!
Hope you have a great and wonderful Sunday so far. I countless said that love Sunday  because I can relax and do whatever I feel I want to do.
Today, I take my favorite outfit shoot in my room.  I quite love the white wall now..haha, but honestly, I feel insecure to do outfit shoot on my own at outside. I am still not brave enough to do so. I working on this now.
As you can see, I honestly and admit that, I gained a lot of weight..haha, I worry about this a lot but why worry about that if I choose to eat whatever I want? I don't feel like to talk negatively about my weight, I can lose weight but its up to me. 
Let's talk about topic that I love so much, its outfits preferences. I really love this shoot because I feel so comfortable and I love blue jeans and white shirt so much. This pairing is great for outing with friends or eat out day. For me, I can wear this go to work also, how lucky am I for wearing like this go to work.
Enjoy the photos.

Forgive and forget

Happy Saturday my dear friends!
This week, I was escaping from my blog..hahaa, I am pretending to busy ( one of my ex-colleague always said this to me..haha). But, I am not pretending busy, I am busy women, you know..ahhaa. No matter how busy your week, take care of your health!
Today, I want to sharing something about adults life ( I am quite experience now, I am almost 26 years old now, so I got have a lot experience in adults life now).
 " Forgive and forget", such a deep words for me.
How about you?

Pre-loved items for sale!

Happy Thursday!
First of all, I want to say sorry to you my friends.
I realized I make my blog as my platform to sell my pre-loved clothes now, huhu..
I think, its easy to sell all the stuff here because I can write details about all items and you can browse and see if you are interested!
Here is the last batch of my pre-loved items.


Leto Kenyah Blog {Ake' nyorat dalem Kenyah}

Selamat ti taup toyang-toyang!
Alem ji, ake' kelu ka nyorat dalem isu kenyah, sae teka ek bada ji blog leto kenyah oka ek nta nyorat dalem isu kenyah.Ake' nta kumin mencam nyorat dalem Kenyah, beng ngata-ngata oyan nik ji. Oka un de sala', bada' maki ka..
Beng nyorat dalem isu orang puti ne ka dalem blog ji ko? Ya ek nyeleen oyan dalem isu Kenyah lepa ji. Nta lote ake' mencam ale' orang putih dek, nengayet ngan ngejotak ti ngan du..haha
Pala' anak-anak Kenyah ka awang ka, yu ikem ti ne keji?
Kuak nengayet meta udip ne mung du keji ko, mekat meta belanja kesemat 2014. Nading peremun ne cung bolan 9 ji, apan nta tepet oka tai ulik kesemat.
Sebagai generasi kenyah seterusnya ( ya ne kenai jotak ngan bahasa du odai), ilu tuak je kanan isu kenyah odai, oka le nta mencam isu kenyah tapi bada ilu kenyah, kumin ja?
Ake' pe nengayet isu kenyah "full" oka pisu kaang kenyah, nta oba' campur campur ngan isu du, nta tega meka, oba ke toyau aluk pe to ko?hahaha..nta pe jaat ti isu du peto, un pe to dik nta dau toyau ja tega oka campur ngan isu du pe.
Ake' pe alek campur bokai..maan alek teka ke isu mung dalem kenyah, un pe palai ilu nta tisen dalem kenyah peto.
Ja atek tega dik, kanan ne isu ilu Kenyah badeng pabi' medan-medan,( mukun dau toyau ek keji nodai).

English translation below.

More more preloved items for sale!

Happy Wednesday!

More more preloved items for sale.
Take a look and if interested or have any enquiry, please email me >
or you can comment below.


Outfit Diary : Let's go to park | Calvary Convention Centre (CCC),Bukit Jalil

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Malaysia Day!
Hope you have a great celebration.
As for me, I went to Calvary Convention Centre(CCC) at Bukit Jalil for pray and celebrate this wonderful day. I never knew that CCC is ever exist in Malaysia before, I feel so outdated now. The church is huge! I never been there before so I'm glad I make it today.
Okay, move on to outfit today.
Before I slept last night, I am thinking what to wear for the special day tomorrow? Its Malaysia day so its special for us, Malaysian.
I don't have much beautiful dress or shirts to wear nowadays, I don't know what to wear actually, too much!
Then, I think of my black maxi dress pairing with blue denim jacket, this outfits always can be wear anywhere and whenever I am not sure about what to wear. When you in doubt what to wear, wear black and denim, you'll look great! And, don't forget the comfortable sneakers of yours.
And, I said there excited news to share on Instagram, please continue read ya( sorry to push you to read until the end)..haha
Enjoy the photos.

{Keriitleto Shop} : Pre-loved items for sale



As I mentioned before, I want to sell my pre-loved items,
have fun while scroll the items.
If you are interested, contact me :

Item code keriit001 : White dress
Details about white dress :
- Wear one time only
- Buy at Vietnam November 2013
- Can be your engagement dress
Price : RM25, not include postage
Sold out

KeriitLeto Shop

Hi dear friends!
Today, I finally have courage to start this stuff, I mean selling my clothes online
 I am not sure whether it going to be work or not but I want give it try, try never harm anyone right?
For this moment, KeriitLeto Shop will sell my pre-loved items which I rarely wear and still in good condition. I had so many clothes and dress that can't fit me  anymore. So, I don't waste it so I decided to sell it, of course the price will be the cheapest one!
Hope you have take time browsing all the items that I am going to sell this time.
Next time, I will sell DIY items and ready to wear items, so for this time, I sell my pre-loved items. If you need details about any of items, you can contact me.


{Real DIY} : Homemade flower crown for Bridesmaid ( Yaya's Wedding)

Happy Day to everyone!
Once again, I make flower crown for wedding! I always feel excited whenever my friends ask me to make flower crown for them, I never feel I am too busy for this stuff, I always have or make time for something that I love to do.This time, I feel so happy because I have chance to make something for my university friend for their wedding ( oh gosh..they're married now! I am so proud of them because keep falling in love with each other and I believe that, they will fall in love with each other until forever).
This time, the design its quite special ( i think..) because usually, I will make adjustable flower crown but this time, I make it attachable( I mean if the flower crown right size of their head so they just can attached it, the video as below :

As usual, let take a look of this design.

{Real DIY} : Handmade flower crown for Bridesmaid ( Eisya's Wedding)

Happy day my dear friends!
For a quite long time I didn't do some real DIY due to my busy schedule over other thing in my life.
And, this month I am so thankful because some of my dear friends request me to make flower crown for their bridesmaid, I am so honor to make something that they'll wear on their wedding, it maybe very small pieces but I still thankful.
This time, as usual I will show the design or example to them first but usually, I show the example of flower crown style that I take from because i do not have any flower crown profilio yet, so I just show them the style that I can make, it may not exact but I try my best. After this, I will try my best to make profilio and show what can I do for you!
Without any further due, let's take a  look of the first design.

Keriitleto WishList : Fedora Hat

I've seen a really nice fedora hat in Primark, only £8! I need a hat for winter....

Photo credit :

Happy Wednesday!
Just a quick update for today!
I am falling in love again! 
I don't know how can stop falling in love many times.
I talk about fedora hat!
When I saw this hat, I feel so in love with it and I am currently searching for it now.
Hopefully, I can find a good one soon.

And, I am working on exciting project now.
I can't wait to share my passion with you guys!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hope you have a nice day!


Travel Diary : Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan | Largest wedding accessories/supply in Malaysia

Have you heard about Nilai 3 before?
If you live in West Malaysia especially around KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan,you probably heard about this place. For those who doesn't know what place is this,let me introduce you about this place. Nilai 3 is one stop centre for wholesale items but I think its famously known as one stop centre for wedding accecories and its the largest wedding accecories centre in Malaysia. But, there a lots of things you can find here, not just wedding accecories ,also you can find such as  curtains, carpet, clothes ( especially Malay clothes), and many.
As for me, I already went here three times. My first time, I went with my friend, Maznee to buy some her  wedding accecories , second time with my lovely sister, Achel and third time, I recently went with my friends, Audrey and Lim. I am super excited went here because I can found so many DIY stuff here.

Outfit Diary : Yellow mellow cardigan

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Sunday!
How's your Sunday? Hope you have a great day.
For me, Sunday is the day that I can eat Kenyah food. If you're Kenyah girls, then you know what we doin' on Sunday evening, its all about eat super hot and spicy chilli( lia akau) with some delicious side dishes. But, weird thing is I can't eat other spicy and hot such as Chinese or Indian or Malay food but if Kenyah spicy food then surely can eat. I don't know why.
Before I continue to write about my outfit and photography today,
 I want to wish " Happy Birthday" to my lovely niece, Luhong Langking. I hope, she always have a wonderful and blissful day ahead her, I hope she can make all her dream come true and most important, I hope she can get a job, so she can help and support her parent and family in many ways and get whatever she want. Thanks for being good niece and good friend for me, I am sorry for late wishes but I love you! I can't write you a letter just like old day, but I am improved now, I write for you on my blog! :), I wished she read this article.
Okay, back to the outfit. Today, I am super happy because one of my good friend come back to KL after long holiday at "kampung". She is my Sunday outfit photographer,thanks a lot Lim for help me on this craziest dream.
As you can see, today is all about "yellow mellow", I got this brightest cardigan ever at Thrift Shop for RM10, the moment I saw it, I knew that it can be wear in my way and if I had chance go to oversea next time during winter or fall season,I can wear it, oh man! What a wonderful dream I had. I pairing it with my little black dress(LBD), this is my old LBD dress to cold down the hotness of my cardigan. For casual look, I wearing my Converse sneakers that I got from my sister ( I bought it from her actually, because I madly in love with it..haha), I love the softness of mint color mixed with yellow, its quite loud but I love it!
Okay, enjoy our photo!

5 favorite Online shop for virtual window shopping

Photo credit :
Shoes :
Bag :

Hi my ladies friends!
Today, its very interesting topic to be discuss.. :)
Do you love window shopping?
For the ladies, the answer should be yes, definitely.haha
We love to window shopping to get some inspiration for our outfits so our look  is up-to -date with the latest fashion and trends! This is the biggest weakness of being lady . I always tempted to see the newest fashion trends but sometime, we cannot always afford and sometime our body is really not follow the trends..haha. If you're fashion lover just like me, fashion week is started this month already, start from New York Fashion Week,oh my! I wished I could attend the fashion week ( I dream so big now..ahaha), from the live update from fashion lover, a lot of fresh images flooding on my Facebook, Instagram(espcially here) and all the famous blogger talked about it.I would like to experience the fashion week someday.
Back to our main topic! Before this, we usually went to shopping mall for window shopping but now, you have another way to do that. You just stayed at home and click here and here. So, can save petrol and my time too. Talk about saving..haha
Without further do, I will list out the online shop that I usually "visit"..haha
Let's go for virtual shopping!!!

How to stop being afraid of cat

Cat Watercolor - 5x7 PRINT, Orange Tabby Illustration, Retro Cat, Open Edition, Cat in Glasses
Photo credit :

Happy Friday my dear friends!
Today, I have something to talk about, its about my insecurity ( I don't know this is the right word ..haha) when cat around or in direct words " I am really afraid of cat!", maybe you also just like me?? or you love cat so much? I am glad and happy for you if you are cat lover and not afraid of them because I think, that is bonus for you guys, you no need to find solution "How to stop being afraid of cat" just like what I did now.haha.
Most of my close friends,family and colleagues know that I am very x10 afraid of cat, no matter what type of cat, as long as cat! There so many funny story of mine for being afraid of cat. One of it is I ate at "gerai" with my friends, both of us scared of cat and suddenly the cat approach us and because I am really scared, I don't know realized that I stand on the chair, do the mini jumping with my eyes close and the cat just sit under my chair and everyone in the "gerai" staring at us strangely and its look so funny.I can't control this feeling, sometime I even can sense the cat somewhere without even know the cat is there, I can feel them..urgghh..scary!! Whenever I saw cat, I will suddenly I feel so scared but the weird thing is the cat seems know that I scared of them and they come near and nearer me, oh gosh!!! I hate that.
After many years, I tried to avoid to see cat but I can't forever avoid them because they also need to continue their life in this world. So, my only and only tips that working for this weird "disease" is :
Whenever the cats is around, don't try to look at them, just be normal and focus on what you doing, just be calm!! that's the main key to stop being afraid! 
I know, its hard to do that when you are so afraid and you can't control it sometime but the more you feel nervous, the cat will come nearer! The feeling that I ever hate.
But, if there so many cat, I admit that I won't be calm. I rather get out from that place then approach by cat!
To my friends that love cat, keep love cat because there create by our God and they deserve to live in this world too, so love them as much as you can!
For someone like me, I didn't say I don't love cat, I just can't get along with them, I am sorry cat! We are not mean to be..hahhaa.
If you have any other tips how to stop being afraid of cat, please do share with me, I love to hear it and practice it on my life or whenever I saw cat!

Thanks for visiting my blog and read!

Have fun for tomorrow and take care!


Outfit Diary : Black & stripped madness in Putrajaya

Happy Monday!
Today is holiday in Malaysia, its our Independence Day yesterday so the public holiday move to Monday,yeah!. And I'm back with outfit shoot after 1 month didn't do this stuff..haha, I missing it so much! 
Today, I am wearing my favorite items, you already see me with this items for many times and I am still not tired of my midi skirt..haha, I still feel comfortable wearing it. One thing that I love about this outfit is I love the cut off shoulder, feel cold on my shoulders. Finally, my shoulder can have some air..
And, I wearing my vintage necklace that I bought at Flea Market, Amcorp Mall, I made post about it here.
If you love vintage pieces, you should visit Amcorp Mall on weekend, there a lot of vintage items there.
Enjoy my outfit photo with Putrajaya background/buildings..


{Wish List} : 10 things to own before 30

Photo credit

Once again, another wish list post is back! Its quite addictive to write list of what you want and to do.
This time, all about things should I own before 30 years old. When I write the list, one things that come to my mind, I need to save money to fulfill all these wish list..haha. Before this, I make a post about 30 things that should I do before turn 30, you can see the post here.
I am 25 years old now ( its not November yet, so I am still 25 years..hehe), so that mean, I have less than five years from now, oh my God! The time getting shorter already! 
For me, 20s era is time for me  to work hard for what I wanted and get a better life, so when I am turned 30, I feel safe and secure with everything that I do on my 20s ( the ideal plan is like this..haha, in reality, only God know how hard is this).For me, when I turn 30 soon, I will have triple or more commitment than I have now, I may get married by that time, I am not sure or I probably, working on my dream job that make me forget anything in this world, I don't know what my future will look like. But, I am having fun making the list.
Let's have fun read my fun and hopeful list of things to own before 30.