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5 favorite Online shop for virtual window shopping

06 September 2014

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Hi my ladies friends!
Today, its very interesting topic to be discuss.. :)
Do you love window shopping?
For the ladies, the answer should be yes, definitely.haha
We love to window shopping to get some inspiration for our outfits so our look  is up-to -date with the latest fashion and trends! This is the biggest weakness of being lady . I always tempted to see the newest fashion trends but sometime, we cannot always afford and sometime our body is really not follow the trends..haha. If you're fashion lover just like me, fashion week is started this month already, start from New York Fashion Week,oh my! I wished I could attend the fashion week ( I dream so big now..ahaha), from the live update from fashion lover, a lot of fresh images flooding on my Facebook, Instagram(espcially here) and all the famous blogger talked about it.I would like to experience the fashion week someday.
Back to our main topic! Before this, we usually went to shopping mall for window shopping but now, you have another way to do that. You just stayed at home and click here and here. So, can save petrol and my time too. Talk about saving..haha
Without further do, I will list out the online shop that I usually "visit"..haha
Let's go for virtual shopping!!!

Honestly speaking, I did buy items on the online shop ( that I list here. Other than, I didn't try it yet because I still prefer go buy direct than online shopping because I am someone that so clumsy so I need to be extra careful when it come to spend my money online. For now, I just virtual window shopping here.
At the end of the list, I share my tips on online shopping.
Okay, let's get started!

My impression on this website :
i. The website layout is so nice and clean, I like!
ii. Items available is up-to-date and look so nice
iii. The price is quite affordable for selected items.
iv. This website suitable for someone that feel young, wild and free, just like me!hahha

My impression on this website :
i. The layout is quite crowded for me, maybe they sell so many things.
ii. For me, the items is very cheap.
iii.Suitable for everyone

My impression on this website :
i. The layout website look nice and organize, I love that!
ii. You can find whatever you want here.
iii. Its a bit pricey!

My impression on this website :
i. The website look clean ( Blue and white look great)
ii. The price is super cheap but need to buy wholesale for great price.
iii. The items is up-dated.

My impression on this website :
i. I love their website layout, clean and organized, easy to browse.
ii. The items is mostly for work people from what I see.
iii. The price of the items is quite expensive, but depends on what you want.

That's all for now, actually there so many online shop out there. 
Below is the tips before do any purchasing online :
i. Search 
-Search about the online shop first and check their phone no and try to call them and ask questions, for example : Can I use credit card if I buy less than RM30( this is example)

ii. Buy what you need only. 
- Not the one that look good on others.

iii. Be careful when do the payment transaction
-After you determine which one to buy, be careful when do the payment ( this is your money)

iv. Before buy, please check how many day the items should be arrive to you. 
If too long, ask them whether you can pick up at their shop( if available)

v. When the items arrive, please check the items you buy carefully.
- If there any torn or any, please contact the online shop.

All tips above is just from my experience when I buy on last time.  I just buy whatever I saw pretty that time but at the end, I won't wear it anymore. And, I asked you to check how many day for the items to arrive at your place because last time, its took forever to get the items ( that why I don't really like online shopping, just window shopping is okay).

Hope I can help you to release your tension/stress by visiting online shop above!
Don't forget to think twice before buy!


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