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Outfit Diary : White shirt & Blue Jeans | Flower basket

28 September 2014

Happy Sunday!
Hope you have a great and wonderful Sunday so far. I countless said that love Sunday  because I can relax and do whatever I feel I want to do.
Today, I take my favorite outfit shoot in my room.  I quite love the white wall now..haha, but honestly, I feel insecure to do outfit shoot on my own at outside. I am still not brave enough to do so. I working on this now.
As you can see, I honestly and admit that, I gained a lot of weight..haha, I worry about this a lot but why worry about that if I choose to eat whatever I want? I don't feel like to talk negatively about my weight, I can lose weight but its up to me. 
Let's talk about topic that I love so much, its outfits preferences. I really love this shoot because I feel so comfortable and I love blue jeans and white shirt so much. This pairing is great for outing with friends or eat out day. For me, I can wear this go to work also, how lucky am I for wearing like this go to work.
Enjoy the photos.

Next post, I will share outfit below.Its all about my own design ( not finished yet but I can wait to wear it..ahaha) but I feel like it turn out very well.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you'll have nice week ahead.


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