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How to stop being afraid of cat

05 September 2014

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Happy Friday my dear friends!
Today, I have something to talk about, its about my insecurity ( I don't know this is the right word ..haha) when cat around or in direct words " I am really afraid of cat!", maybe you also just like me?? or you love cat so much? I am glad and happy for you if you are cat lover and not afraid of them because I think, that is bonus for you guys, you no need to find solution "How to stop being afraid of cat" just like what I did now.haha.
Most of my close friends,family and colleagues know that I am very x10 afraid of cat, no matter what type of cat, as long as cat! There so many funny story of mine for being afraid of cat. One of it is I ate at "gerai" with my friends, both of us scared of cat and suddenly the cat approach us and because I am really scared, I don't know realized that I stand on the chair, do the mini jumping with my eyes close and the cat just sit under my chair and everyone in the "gerai" staring at us strangely and its look so funny.I can't control this feeling, sometime I even can sense the cat somewhere without even know the cat is there, I can feel them..urgghh..scary!! Whenever I saw cat, I will suddenly I feel so scared but the weird thing is the cat seems know that I scared of them and they come near and nearer me, oh gosh!!! I hate that.
After many years, I tried to avoid to see cat but I can't forever avoid them because they also need to continue their life in this world. So, my only and only tips that working for this weird "disease" is :
Whenever the cats is around, don't try to look at them, just be normal and focus on what you doing, just be calm!! that's the main key to stop being afraid! 
I know, its hard to do that when you are so afraid and you can't control it sometime but the more you feel nervous, the cat will come nearer! The feeling that I ever hate.
But, if there so many cat, I admit that I won't be calm. I rather get out from that place then approach by cat!
To my friends that love cat, keep love cat because there create by our God and they deserve to live in this world too, so love them as much as you can!
For someone like me, I didn't say I don't love cat, I just can't get along with them, I am sorry cat! We are not mean to be..hahhaa.
If you have any other tips how to stop being afraid of cat, please do share with me, I love to hear it and practice it on my life or whenever I saw cat!

Thanks for visiting my blog and read!

Have fun for tomorrow and take care!


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