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Outfit Diary : Let's go to park | Calvary Convention Centre (CCC),Bukit Jalil

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Malaysia Day!
Hope you have a great celebration.
As for me, I went to Calvary Convention Centre(CCC) at Bukit Jalil for pray and celebrate this wonderful day. I never knew that CCC is ever exist in Malaysia before, I feel so outdated now. The church is huge! I never been there before so I'm glad I make it today.
Okay, move on to outfit today.
Before I slept last night, I am thinking what to wear for the special day tomorrow? Its Malaysia day so its special for us, Malaysian.
I don't have much beautiful dress or shirts to wear nowadays, I don't know what to wear actually, too much!
Then, I think of my black maxi dress pairing with blue denim jacket, this outfits always can be wear anywhere and whenever I am not sure about what to wear. When you in doubt what to wear, wear black and denim, you'll look great! And, don't forget the comfortable sneakers of yours.
And, I said there excited news to share on Instagram, please continue read ya( sorry to push you to read until the end)..haha
Enjoy the photos.

My trusty backpack

Sometime, I hate take photo in the middle of the day because my eyes so small..but I love the lighting!haha

This denim jacket really captured my heart when I saw it for the first time. Whenever you saw something that you can wear many times, buy it! It worth it!

My first time been here > Bukit Jalil Recreation Park
Take a look of this park ( just two photo of it..haha)

In this life, there some places that I love so much, my favorite places is recreation park, beaches, hills ( the nature of kampung girl)

I always love this kind of view in the park,its tempted me to take photos..haha

 Lastly, here the "funny" face( not so funny) of mine during outfit shoot. After outfit shoot here, my friends and I went to eat chinese food which I love! Talk about chicken feet..yummy!

If you follow me on Instagram (@keriit_estellepaya), I mentioned that I got exciting news to share!
I currently, working on KeriitLeto Shop Online shopping website!!! 
I can't wait to share the link with you guys!
50% of it already done and another 50% is in progress. My aim is I must finished it before end of September 2014.

Hope you guys enjoy article today. Before I end this post, I want ask "what outfit you wearing whenever you feel like nothing to wear? "
Share it with me.

Thanks for reading and visit my blog!


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