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Travel Diary : Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan | Largest wedding accessories/supply in Malaysia

08 September 2014

Have you heard about Nilai 3 before?
If you live in West Malaysia especially around KL, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan,you probably heard about this place. For those who doesn't know what place is this,let me introduce you about this place. Nilai 3 is one stop centre for wholesale items but I think its famously known as one stop centre for wedding accecories and its the largest wedding accecories centre in Malaysia. But, there a lots of things you can find here, not just wedding accecories ,also you can find such as  curtains, carpet, clothes ( especially Malay clothes), and many.
As for me, I already went here three times. My first time, I went with my friend, Maznee to buy some her  wedding accecories , second time with my lovely sister, Achel and third time, I recently went with my friends, Audrey and Lim. I am super excited went here because I can found so many DIY stuff here.

First, you'll ask "how to go here".
Its easy peasy(hehe..thanks to my friend, Maznee for give me guidance). I just give guidance if you from KL, you can take the Plus highway and then, straight until you found exit 215 ( Nilai, Pajam..), take left and straight until found toll, then from there you'll see the sign board of Nilai 3, from there search for Nilai Impian and you'll arrive there. ( Sorry for my weakness on give directions..haha).
How the store look like?
One of the example is as below :

For more info about this place, you can click their website here.

As usual, 5 tips before you go to here :

i. Comfortable attire - 
I recommend you wear comfortable shoes or sandal because you'll walk and walk. and also, comfortable clothes because its too hot usually.

ii. Survey, compare and buy
The items sell here is quite similar so better go and see first, do the price comparison and then, after get the better price, just buy at the cheapest price. I don't recommend directly buy because when you went to other shop, you'll see the different price, its better, survey,see, compare and then buy.

iii. Cash or debit/credit card 
I don't know whether there ATM machine here, from now I didn't find any, so bring cash or use your debit card for payment.

iv. Something to eat
For the food, urmm..its quite hard to find restaurant that served other than Malay food here, so you not fan of Malay food, eat first before go here.

v. Street food
I like street food but at Nilai 3, same as tips no.ii, but I know, you won't do that. Just find the clean and hygiene place to eat.

That's all about Nilai 3. If you know other place that cheaper than Nilai 3, please share ya!


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