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Outfit Diary: Kimono cardigan + skirt | Make it yourself

Here is another post about my blue kimono cardigan. I having fun with it now, so whenever I feel fun with something, I can't wait to share it on my blog. My blog is like my best friend forever (BFF) now, I share anything that I like with her except something that very personal, I won't let she know anything about my personal life..haha, maybe I just give hint to her.Okay, move to main topic. Its all about kimono cardigan and skirt pairing.
Do you think this is great pairing?
I hope yes, because I make effort to pair this 2 items here.
Enjoy the photos.
So far, I have seen kimono cardigan was pairing with short pants and I am not really sure it can be pair with short skirt. But, I think its work well with short skirt. What you need to do is don't forget to emphasize your waist with belt.

To emphasize your waist, don't forget to wear belt. I recommend, wear something bright so it can be seen.

Okay, the same bag is here..haha
This look great for dinner or for church.

And here come my sunglasses..ahhaha, I feel weird wear it on my room but I just love to wear it.
If you have something outdoor, this look will be great for you..example?? hurmm..I think we are too casual whenever we have something outdoor, maybe because of our country weather? Hurmm..whatever! You can wear anywhere.

My happy face whenever I do my outfit shoot. I feel so great to do and share something that I loved with you guys here.
Whatever your passion, just do it! I am not sure what the result of doing this but what most important is I am happy!
Never lose your dream because of someone's dream.
Whatever is your dream, try do it and feel it!

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

"Tuhan lemoto pemung ngan ikem mung"

God always be with us.


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