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Outfit Diary: Sweaters love | Be true to yourself

Happy Monday!
I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday, hopefully no Monday blues! If you have Monday blues, I think its already okay now, right? You feel a lot better now for sure and another rough day is gone, so you should be happy with that!
As for me, I trying my best to avoid Monday blues because I really hate that feeling.But, sometime it can't be helped..still I have Monday blues.
You may realized, I have the same background as  my photo yesterday..haha, obviously its taken yesterday too and I post it today so please don't be boring with my white wall, I love it now(hehe).
Today, I want to talk about sweaters. Do you love wearing sweaters?In our humid weather, sometime sweaters is not always the right outfits to wear but its depends on the sweaters material too. But, if you know when to wear it than should be okay. I recommend you to buy something that "light" and not the one for winter season unless you have chance to travel during winter season then should be okay.
For me, I love wearing sweaters when rainy day..I feel so warm and great! If hot coffee is there too then that day is perfect!
Actually, this sweaters is cropped sweaters but since my body is short, so it not like cropped sweaters anymore..haha. I just tuck in the sweaters inside my skirt and there you go!
Hope you'll enjoy the photos.

And, favorite black sunglasses is here!!!
Do you feel great whenever wearing black sunglasses? I always feel that way.. I can walk confidentially because nobody can see my eyes and what I see..haha. If you shy, wear black sunglasses..haha. Trust me! Don't believe me, please try it next time. If you still shy, err..then, I don't know what to do! Only you can help yourself, so don't be shy wear what you love.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Good Night!

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