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{Real DIY} : Handmade flower crown for Bridesmaid ( Eisya's Wedding)

14 September 2014

Happy day my dear friends!
For a quite long time I didn't do some real DIY due to my busy schedule over other thing in my life.
And, this month I am so thankful because some of my dear friends request me to make flower crown for their bridesmaid, I am so honor to make something that they'll wear on their wedding, it maybe very small pieces but I still thankful.
This time, as usual I will show the design or example to them first but usually, I show the example of flower crown style that I take from because i do not have any flower crown profilio yet, so I just show them the style that I can make, it may not exact but I try my best. After this, I will try my best to make profilio and show what can I do for you!
Without any further due, let's take a  look of the first design.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!


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