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Finally, KeriitLeto Online shop is now open!

Hello my dear friends!
Good day!
I am so happy today because finally, I can reveal what I really working hard on every night this last month ( so many sleepless night and my skin showed it..huahaha). This is my dream since last years (my close friend know about this..friends, finally I make it, please support me..haha). Why I not do it last year? Honestly said, I am scared and I don't have courage to make my dream come true! and as usual, too many excuses that I make. Then,as 2014 is going to end soon, I realized, "No one can make your dream come true except yourself" and here am I now! I don't know how well this online shop will be? whether it will be working or not? I don't know what ahead me but I will working hard to work on my dreams and keep doing my best on it!

Here is my online shop address : 

You want to know what the KeriitLeto means?

The meaning of Keriitleto is young girls ( directly translated from Kenyah > English). Keriitleto time is the sweetest time for me. I still Keriitleto for sure ( if you are not married yet then you are KeriitLeto too) and I am cherish the moment now..hahaha. I choose to use Kenyah words and its Keriitleto because its really show who am I and what I wanted to be and what I am working on and of course,its Kenyah girl pride! 
For me, Keriitleto is the symbol of youth, strong, brave,smart ,kind hearted and pretty inside and out. That all KeriitLeto need to be in their life and keep being like that even after they're not considered KeriitLeto. But, doesn't mean after you being mom or wife, you're not Keriitleto anymore, you'll forever KeriitLeto. Don't forget that!
I bragged to much about the words, I am so excited now!hahhaha..
Please support and give any comment if you will realize something wrong on my shop website or any advise. I want you have a great shopping online exprience at, no drama and you will satisfy with my services and you happy to see the products.
Hope you will enjoy window online shopping on my shop and have a nice experience when you shop on my shop!
Here is the view of my shop,

Finally, No matter where you come from, your dream is valid- Lupita Nyong'o


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