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My heart flutter

03 October 2014

Hope you have a great week so far . As I writing this post, its already Friday, yay! and in few hours, we will have "long"holiday..yay! This is the moment that  I always waiting for..buahaha. I have so many activity to do this time,of course my own project. I am not sure my body can accept it or not? But, I will try my best for my passion.
Have you ever see SOMETHING that can make your heart beat so fast or flutter?
Or your heart just beat so fast whenever you meet SOMEONE that you like or love?
If you heart is not beat so fast whenever you see people that you like or love, then you are confirmed abnormal. Everyone ever feel that way! Me? Err..I don't remember when the last time my heart beating so fast. But, recently...

Suddenly, there something that make my heart flutter and my heart was beating so fast. I know, the first one that come out in your mind now is there someone that I like or crush on or something like that for this moment?hahhahhahahhaaa.. maybe you are right or wrong,I don't know.But, what you know for sure, never let your heart beating so fast for someone that don't really suit you, its wasting my time and energy!
 It is my camera actually! Everytime I see it, it can make my heart flutter, just like what boyfriend ever make me feel..hahha, just kidding! I am trying my best to study and master the photography things, I am so eager learn about it. Hopefully I can master on this and capture all the moment in this old world.There so many thing that I want to keep memory in my life, all the moment is precious.
Okay, back to the outfit today. I finally revealing the real outfit for my work. This is the outfit for my work. T-shirt + trousers, done!  Very simple and for sure, no hassle with make up in early morning.Naturally go to work like this.  I love this! 
Enjoy the photos.

I just found this place, all pinky!

Not so ready here..haha

20 sen! If you are Malaysian, then what this means.hahhaha

Candid shoot, hurmm

Another not ready face..haha but at least I am not give my fake smile to you, right?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Have a nice day!


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