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Outfit diary: Black & White | Malacca,Malaysia

22 October 2014

Happy Wednesday!
I feel awkward to post about my outfit diary on today..haha
Usually, I will talk about outfit diary every Sunday because I admit that I never feel confident to share my every day outfit because hahhaa.. I'm not kind of girl that dress up every day, only Sunday, holiday, and the day I feel to dress up day. I love simple t-shirt, my black pant, jeans and some skirt for every day outfits. But, I do wish I can wear "proper" beautiful outfit every day,..hehe but at the same time, I wish that never happen because I will need to wake up early to prepare what to wear and of course, need to cover up all the imperfect part on my face. That will be such a troublesome routine right? I salute girls that always have time to dress up very well every day and appear flawless in every morning ( after make up for sure.. :))
Today, I'm so excited to talk about my short trip to Malacca city again.I love this city so much and today, I fall in love more with it. I love to see beautiful art within the city, colorful door ( you know why I love this..hehe (evil smile), multi-cultural buildings and see so people that from different race in one city ,I really love that. What make this trip very excited is I driving there on my own ( with my fellow friends). I never driving this far since I own my car on 2011..haha, can you believe that? I can say that, I am so confident and brave nowadays..haha
I will share another post about my short trip experience at Malacca. On this post, I will talk about my outfit today. 

There is no extraordinary about my outfit today, I recycling or mix-match what I already own. I think maybe because of "recycling" minded, I don't have desire to buy new clothes for this moment. I will buy something that can boost up my mix match on my outfit. If you realized, I wore this white shirt 
(actually shirt dress) many times already, it totally comfortable. Actually, this white dress is shirtdress ( the length until my knee) but here, I put it under my skirt and tadaaa.. new look of my outfit. :), I paired it with cap and also my trusty sunglasses.  The shoes that I wore here is very special to me because I bought it with my friends that I recently met after 3 years..haha.
And, at the end of this post I will share my first experience visit H&M store at Malacca, so read it up!
Enjoy my photos. :)

No description for this back pack, I love it truly! Whenever I go for any trip, she never fail to accompany me.

I should wear some lipstick on my lips so I will not look so pale..haha, I should wear it, right?

I love Money..hahha but always remember, don't make money become your master, let God be your master.

There is funny story behind this. During crossing the road from Dataran Pahlawan Mall to Mahkota Parade mall, I asked my friend to take my photo during this time and she just candidly snap this and I laughing so hard because I remember her words " I can't believe there such crazy lady like you ever exist in this world".She said like this because the duration for crossing the road is less than 30sec I think..very short duration and I still can think to snap photo here..haha

And, as usual I share one of my favorite photo today. Here you go!

My aimed go to Malacca is spending my time with my friends, go to H&M store and take a lot of photo..haha. And now, the mission is completed!
Before I end this post, I wanna share about my H&M store visit experience. For those who doesn't know where is the H&M store at Malacca, you can easily find it on the right of Mahkota Parade. This is my first time visit here and I feel awesome! I love H&M brand because I love the style. The store here is bigger than the one at H&M KL but I think, most of the items is almost the same here and also, the price also same. But, in case one of your favorite item at H&M KL already out of stock there, you can give try at H&M Malacca, maybe you can find it there. Just like me, I finally found the one that I aimed for so long( reveal it soon..hint, it very small item)

 That's all for my post today. I write too long already.
Hope you like my photos.If there any comment, please do comment below :)

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See you again.

God care about you, 

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