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Outfit Diary: Cropped denim jacket + re-fashion white dress | Putrajaya,Malaysia

12 October 2014

Happy Sunday!
Finally there time for me to rest, working on Saturday is never nice experience but that's my job, sometime need to work on Saturday. It's okay, at least I have time to do outfit shoot at Sunday evening..hehe.
This time, I went to Botani Garden, Putrajaya again but different places. This time, the spot that I choose is quite busy, every time there people passing by. I am sure, they must weird to see myself with my tripod and posing..haha, but I just don't care (but deep down inside my heart, I am worry they might think I am little crazy..haha). But,what more important is I can practicing what learned how to shoot outside ( I'm still not satisfy with my skill in photography yet, I still can't get the perfect photo, I keep improving now). 
Move to my outfit today, nothing new pieces on my pairing today.  I have less desire to buy new clothes, new handbag, new shoes nowadays ( can you believe I say this?hahha), maybe because I have other big commitment, soon it sure resume back..hehe. I hope it not come very soon, there so much thing to do now..haha.
This time, I pairing my denim jacket ( my favorite so far, you can find previous pairing here and here) with white dress that I bought at Thrift shop for RM10. Actually, this white dress quite long before so I make some DIY on this white dress, I cut it and modify the length, so it look perfect for my height.I'm quite satisfy with the length of my skirt now.
What do you think of this pairing?
and enjoy the photo.. :)
As I make this post, I love to listen to my favorite soothing band, its Late Night Alumni. If you love slow music, then you'll be happy listen to their songs. You can check they out, here is their official YouTube

I save the best for the last,here is one photo that make me laughing so hard to myself. Actually, there people passing by during this time, so I am trying to make "polite" pose..hahha. How come I posing like a crazy lady whenever stranger there..haha,make sense right?

Thanks for visiting and read my blog!
I hope you will have blessed day next week and be happy and don't forget to do your very best in everything you do.

See you next time!


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