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Outfit Diary: DIY midi flower skirt with blue striped shirt | Putrajaya Botanical Garden

05 October 2014

Happy Sunday!
As usual, Sunday is the day for outfit diary so its time to do outfit shoot.
Today, I wearing my blue stripped shirt that I bought for RM8(i love cheapest shirt, cheap stuff doesn't always look cheap,right?) pairing with my diy flower midi skirt, you can see my photo with this skirt here . At first, I want to wear my comfort black maxi dress (whenever I feel doubt on what to wearing, I back to my default color, its black) but before I went out, I suddenly changed my mind, then I changed to this outfit. I never pairing striped and floral pattern before so I am not really sure this will look good or not. But, I never care about that. What the most important is I am so brave enough to try this combination. Fashion is all about experiment, try and error and learn from mistake and be confident and glad with whatever you wear. 
As usual, enjoy the photos and read my kind of "interesting" story end of this post.. haha
Get ready to say "You're really crazy!"..haha

You'll realized there seem two kind of my photo here. This not because I editted the photo. Its because I used two  type of white balance(WB) during I shoot the photo ( if you learn photography, then you'll know this).  The first WB I used is "Fluorescent", and the second one is "Direct sunlight".  For the first WB, its usually used if you shoot indoor and for the second one, its for outside shoot. The WB always play the big roles on your photo, so whenever take photo, make sure you choose the right white balance. I always choose the one that look "natural". 
Which one that you love the most? 

As I said previously, I am so scare to take outfit photo outside my room and today, I challenge myself to take it OUTSIDE,then I drive go to Botanical Park Putrajaya, alone! ALONE with my tripod and remote..ahha. Maybe you'll think what the big deal to do so? Usually my friend took my photo but seem we are busy with our own activity lately. I am so scared to do so because I was afraid people might come there and see the silly me..haha, but this passion on photography( I need to practice what I learned and see how it look like, then keep improving day by day) and the love for outfit shoot is stronger than my scared heart. 
Can you believe that I spend 1 hour for this outfit shoot? and I sweating like I went jogging..haha, now, you can call me crazy because I am so crazy..haha.
So, I present the craziest lady in the world now.

The final photo is here! yay! Back to my glasses, now I can see clearly..haha

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Hope you will have a nice day onward..God bless you always!


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