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Outfit diary: DIY Kimono Cardigan + Blue jeans | Nothing last forever

19 October 2014

Photo by Suzanne Lim

Happy Sunday!
Today is the happiest day as usual. On this day, I can eat my favorite food or some Kenyah food for sure..yummy! special menu today is chicken feet (uh yeah! I am totally into this). During my week day, sometime I do not even eat proper food, always instant food but on weekend, I am so lucky have friends that really doing well in cooking. I love her,truly!
I was "missing" on my blog last week because I am so busy to make living(its getting tougher) and sometime, when I come back early, I will do some simple project, never end learning and making something..hurm!
Today, I am so happy because I can hang out with my friends at my lovely Putrajaya. I love the view there..
We drink cold coffee beside the Putrajaya Lake and little chit-chat, update about each other story for past week, and of course teasing each other for our body that getting bigger and bigger day by day ( we are so worried but can't stop eating!). For me, family, friends, colleague, my job is mean world to me.They're all I got beside God. But, all of that is not forever! Some day, our family will be back "home", some of our friends will go to their way because of their own life commitment, for our colleague, some of them will be upgrade their life so they won't be work and do the same job, as for job, this is definitely not forever, one day it will getting tired of you or you getting tired of it. Nothing last forever.
That why, I love hang out with my friends, going back hometown whenever I have my leave and budget, I always miss my family and my old friends.
I'm just scared myself for talking about nothing is last forever but its a fact! Since you have time now, lets do our best in every moment and treat everyone as good as you can. Maybe, someday our path will never crossed again.
Back to my outfit today, I am so excited to talk about this outfit. 

Here, I wearing my diy kimono cardigan and diy clutch. This two pieces was my first try actually, so it a bit messy..haha, I always excited whenever make something to wear and I can't wait I will be expert on it. 
What do you think of this look?

I have so much photo here actually, I wish I can share all with you, but I'm scare it will disturbing your eyes..haha

I always wear blue, right?
I love blue!! :)

God do care about you,

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