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Outfit Diary: White shirt & Blue jeans | Rooftop confession

26 October 2014

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Sunday!
This Sunday is not so good Sunday for me because my feet was killing me! Yesterday, I was walking with my 2" heels around KL ( first time walking so long with that heels, lesson learned). My feet still feel pain now but since I am too boring to stay at home, I asked my friends to go to one of Putrajaya Park(Taman Putra Perdana) but sadly, heavily raining there once we arrived there. So, without planned where to go, we drive go to Alamanda Putrajaya mall nearby and purposely find the parking on the rooftop because I wished I take photo there last last month ( I always make wishes in my life)  and today, my friends make my dream come true! hahaha..Thanks my dear friends!
Today, I pairing my  all time favorite white shirt with my blue jeans. I did do this pairing before and here, I repeated it again, I just love this pairing and this pairing is  great for walking in the park while taking photo of something around me and breath the fresh air during my Sunday evening. 

Finally, I revealed my H&M hat..haha, I don't know why I bought it? I still thinking now..haha, this is weakness of mine, whenever I aimed for something but I cannot get it immediately and soon, when I saw it again, I will definitely get it .So, this time just use it for outfit shoot. It will be useful someday. I will never bought something that not useful for me in future.

Actually, this white shirt is shirt dress but I love to pairing it with blue jeans because it very comfortable and I feel free to moving around without care about my 1pax stomach..haha

Start to striking the pose..I smile because there handsome guys just leaving the parking..hahhaa

Back to not so serious my outfit shoot pose..haha

The most comfortable for my feet this time is this flip flop.

 As for my photo below, this really typical Kenyah girl..I love this!!hahha

 For my hair today, I am not sure how to style this long hair..Whenever I'm in doubt, this hairstyles will always will be there for me.

I getting ready for my fun shoot..haha

Yay! I always wanted to do this on rooftop. Jumping posing, not jumping from this building..

Then, final photo will be the favorite photo of today.

Whenever I see my own photos, I always said to myself " go girl, you go girl". Why ? I once such a heartbroken and weak girl because I used to depends on people and now, I can say that I am stronger and happier with my life. My life is not so happy everyday but I will pretend it happy so eventually I will be happy. Today, can I share something weird with you guys? I don't know this is the good thing to share..hhaha, lately I been received some of the wedding invitation card from my close friends, I do feel sad..haha, but at the same time, I feel happy for them, they finally meet the one and getting married. Don't ask me any question now. For me, when the right time, that moment will be right for me, I don't need to feel sad right?hahhaha. Before I end my post today, I want share something with you " Love God with all your heart because He is the source of everything in my life,  respect your parent and treat everybody around you just like you wanted to be treated and be kind but don't be stupid! "

Proverbs 2: 7
Don't ever think that you are wise enough, but respect the LORD and stay away from evil.

God do care for you, 

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