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{Real DIY} : Flower crown Frozen inspired

23 October 2014

Hello friends!

I spending my holiday wisely today. I slept safe and sound after a very tired trip yesterday at Malacca. That trip all about, you'll be tired after non stop walking and exploring, but I love that! But, I feel bad to my friends that need to working today. They must be tired and feel wanna sleep. So, I feel so lucky since I still have my off day..yay!
Okay, since I have free time so its time for me to make something beautiful. This time, I make DIY flower crown for my colleagues wedding next month and it Frozen inspired! Everyone love Frozen right? As for me, I love sing "Let it go" in my car but I don't want to memorize other lyric than "Let it go, let it go"..haha
I love making this flower crown, I feel like it can released my useless stress and hopefully, it can make the client happy whenever see it. 
If you are interested, you can contact me via email >>
The price? 1 piece = RM10
The color and design, you can freely tell me how you want the flower crown you want. I will do my best to make like what you want.
If you lived at Sarawak, Sabah or other part than Selangor and KL, I can post it for you.
You can see previous project here, here , here and here.

For now, let enjoy the photo of newest collection..hehe

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See you next post. :)

God do care about you,

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