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{Real DIY} : Purple handmade flower crown

09 October 2014

Hello dear friends!
I am sorry for not updated my blog so frequent now. I have very "secret" project to do now and sometime, I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to write and sometime, there so many things on my many things I want to do and I want to achieve and learn. My next project will be very exciting for sure! I can't wait to share the experience and share the know how with you guys. I love to share knowledge or "how to" stuff. Hope you will keep update with me with my next secret project.
Last week , I finally deliver my handmade flower crown to one of my customer. This is my 3rd time make the handmade flower crown for someone wedding, I feel so excited and happy whenever I made all these. Whenever I feel so stressed or worry about my job, I will make this handmade flower crown. The design is depends on what on my mind that time and most importantly is what my customer want. For now, I don't have many collection of handmade flower crown, you can see the previous design here and here.
 if you interested, then you can tell me how you want your flower crown, its better to send the photo so I can imagine it very well.
Okay, now I want to show you some of photo of my latest collection of flower crown!

This time, I make purple and baby blue with white artificial flower.

What do you think of my handmade flower crown? and also, my photo (hahhaa..)
Hope you like it!
 Thank you for visiting my blog!
See you next time and have a nice day!


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