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Travel Diary : What to do in Malacca for 1 day trip?

23 October 2014

Photo by Elyss Mering

Hi my friends!
As I mentioned on previous post here, I will share my 2014 Malacca trip experience on separate post. So, here it is. I visited Malacca many times already since I lived in Bangi, I think every year. On 2012, I went with my housemates and on 2013, I went with my colleagues and this year, I went with my "kampung" friends. But, most of all that trip, I can call it " I go with my friends" but I never drive there.This time, I finally drive go there.And, I never went overnight at Malacca so far, I went there in the morning and went back in the evening, but I did experience night view during my 2013 short trip but it make me super tired because never ending walking in Jonker street. On this post, I want to share quick recommendation what to do in Malacca for 1 day trip, so read it up!

If you drive from KL to Malacca then it will take 1 hours++, as for me I driving from Cheras to Malacca and it took 1hours++ and now, I can say it very easy actually..haha, I just follow what my friend told me, set my GPS and follow the signboard(the signboard is accurate, as long as you slow a bit whenever there is junction with signboard).

Here is the recommend itinerary for you if you only have 1 day in Malacca.

1. Breakfast at Jonker street 

 I'm not sure about the cafe' need to recommend here because I don't have chance to breakfast here so far but next time, I want breakfast at here so I know what place to recommend.

2. Explore the nearby historical building

All the attractions places in Malacca is really near to each other so let's explore such as A'Famosa and etc and for sure, capture some photos and buy souvenir there.

3. Ride the Melaka cruise

Tired of walking to explore the historical building, go to Melaka cruise. Let you legs rest for awhile. 1 ride for Malaysian is RM10 .

4. Shopping time at Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota parade area.

Go for shopping at Dataran Pahlawan area and also, Mahkota parade, you can visit many known brand here such as H&M, Charles&Keith and more..

5. After 6pm, let have fun at Jonker street.

If you still there after 6pm, let explore Jonker street. The food is awesome and there so much art things to see and buy.

As for me and my friends this time, since we already went to Malacca before so we just explore what places that we like the most. First, we explore Jonker Street.For me, this street is beautiful street and I can't resist to take photos as much as I can..hehe. Here is my fellow keriitleto..

This is Jonker street during not so busy period.

If you stay overnight, don't forget to pay a visit here.

Second location is Malacca Cruise river. This just nearby Jonker street and all the historical building that we used to see whenever went to Malacca.

Along the cruising, I saw this lovely view! What a wonderful wall. Next, I plan to visit all cafe' here, seems interesting!

Next is H&M store. But before that, we try to find place where to eat our lunch. Since one of my friend do not eat KFC for 3 months already, so we decided to go eat at KFC since she craving for it.

I kind like this street..most of popular brand is here. So, if you shopaholic you can consider to shopping here.

Here it is! Favorite all the time. But, I don't like spicy not that taste so good for me.. I prefer original than spicy..

This is the kind of "lemau" aka tired faces after round and round Malacca city for few hours..haha, I force them to show happiest face before we went back to KL..

Back to our parking is the proof I love Jonker street..haha, the photo is too bright! I forget to change the setting of my camera..huhu. This time, I not managed to explore Jonker street because we leave early, my friends need to work next day..huhu, too bad!

As usual, I am going to share my favorite photo of mine at Jonker street..Thanks to my dear friend, Elyss for capturing this moment. I really love this photo because just simply beautiful for me.

That's all for my 1 day trip at Malacca for 2014. I hope I can go there again.This time, I don't managed to walk and have some fun time at Jonker street during night because all of my friends will be working on the next day. Next time, I want spend overnight at Malacca and hopefully I can share the night view. And, what most important it will be challenge my photography learning..haha, I am suck whenever I need to shoot in low light situation..

Thanks for visit my blog and have a nice day!

God bless you,

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