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Outfit Diary : Just another white and black | My 26th birthday

Photo by Gen

Holla! Happy Sunday!
Just a quick post for outfit diary this week.
Today its my birthday but I feel sick..what a very bad timing. I just staying at home and writing this blog post. I wished I can go outside, shoot some outfit diary and take some photos, but too bad, this sickness really kill me and  I am dying to push my shutter button now and as you may realized, the weather also not appropriate nowadays, rainy day every evening. But, I kind like it.
Okay, let talk about my outfit pairing. This pairing I wore yesterday. Actually, this is my last minute pairing. I don't know what to wearing because its raining day and I can't think where we headed to. So, I decide to wear my button down white t-shirt from Thrift shop ( the price is RM10) with my cute singlet and my black pant. And, since its raining so I wearing the flip flop because I don't want to ruin my shoes..hehe
Hope you enjoy the pairings.
All photos was taken using iPhone6.
More photos after read more.

Officially saying goodbye!

Photo by Gen

Hi my dear friends!
Today is my birthday and now, I can officially saying goodbye to my 25!
Yay! I'm getting older and wiser..hahaha
Big thanks to my friends ( Irene, Marina and Gen) for being there with me on my birthday. This is our third years celebrating each other birthday at Bangi area and this year quite special we went to Wangsa Maju. Thanks for the wishes and everything, God bless you guys always.
To my lovely best friend ( Loretta Bulan), I feel missed you so bad whenever come to my birthday..because I used to have a good time with you whenever come to my birthday, I love hang out and do some fun and weird things with you..I miss you very much now..huhu and thanks for wish me Happy Birthday today, I wait for you wishes actually..ahahha ( my eyes getting teary now..I miss you girl!)
More story and photos after read more.

Real DIY : DIY Christmas cards

Hi there!
Happy Friday..
As the November going to be end very soon, the Christmas spirit is getting stronger inside my heart. Especially whenever it rainy day, feeling cold ( no winter here..huhu) and I will immediately feel that Christmas day is around the corner. And, I keep listening to my current favorite song " I'll be home by Meghan Trainor", here is the link :
This song really expressed my feeling for this moment.
Since Christmas is still not here yet, let do some preparations. One of the special preparation this year is make #diy Christmas card for my family and friends.
I know, nowadays people not really interested on giving card when Christmas or any festive right? . I admit that, this happen to me too. Some common reason is the card is expensive, not really practical and the design is not really suit my taste. So, I want to make difference this year. I want to give card to each of my family members and friends that celebrate the Christmas. I decided to do this because I always have a good feeling whenever I read my "old" Christmas card that my friends giving me last time( especially during my high school) and whenever I read it again, I feel so good and feel can't wait for Christmas again and I can't wait to see them again( some of them I can't meet because I lost contact with them). 
In my opinion, handwriting card to wishes Christmas to each other is beautiful because we can write whatever we want to say and they can read it over and over again anytime without need to power on their smart devices. Also, we can keep it as our memory.
So, hopefully this Christmas you can give Christmas card to your family,friends and beloved one. If you don't have money to buy Christmas card, don't worry! Let do #diy together.
I will reveal something that can help you for this #diy.

SIB Cheras Pre Christmas!

Hi everyone!
Here I am with another post of Pre-Christmas celebration at SIB Cheras yesterday. I am so excited to share some good photo with you guys. Hope you'll like it ( I still not really expert on this yet..my learning process become very slow nowaday because I feel so lazy to learning something now, I don't know why, maybe some of my personal issue that really make me cannot think of anything now. But, for now let enjoy that I take and some of my friends.

Happy Birthday,Oppa!


Outfit Diary : The color of Christmas

Hi everyone!
Finally, the day that I'm waiting for and most exciting day already happened.Yay! I'm so glad that the special day passed by. I can't wait for the real Christmas. 
For now, I will wait patiently for the upcoming Christmas, there 1 month to go. For this special day, I wore my black turtle neck shirt pairing with my red midi skirt, the theme was red and green but I don't have any green shirt so I think this will be great pairing.  And, I add the long necklace from F-Block to make my black shirt more beautiful..hehe. As for my hair, my friend help me do the braid, I like it!
Enjoy the photo below.

Real DIY : Red flower crown

Today, just wanna share a quick post about my favorite hobby. You know it if you ever visit my blog before.It's DIY flower crown again..I'm sorry, the style quite same with previous here, here and here. I still got some leftover flower so why not make another color..
I should have a better idea right? But, lately my brain seems stop functioning very well because there some things that always on my mind that make my brain seem jammed for a while. I need to be creative! But for now, let enjoy this diy flower crown, its seductive red..yuhuu.


Christmas spirit in the air!

Hello Keriitleto or hello everybody!
Hope you feel well today have a great day.
Today, I feel incredibly happy because I went to buy Christmas gift for our upcoming pre-christmas event at church and that will happen on this weekend, how exciting!. I feel so happy  whenever I saw Christmas decoration in the shop or anywhere include small pieces as on my photo above. Even though I said I'm incredibly happy today, there some sad things happened that make me stressed out today but I choose to forgot about that sad things and choose to be happy! I don't want to spend one day of mine to be sad  ( sometime it cannot help..too bad!)
There so many reason why I love Christmas so much, the only holiday that I will so great and exciting one month before (too much right?) and there only  two places that I want to spend my Christmas day in my life..


Keriitleto Tips : How to buy best eyeliner

Hello Keriitleto!
How you doin' today? Hope you doing well and feeling good.
Me? I currently feel so happy about something ( its secret!), only God know about it now.
This is my long due post but, now here I am, to post about "How to buy best eyeliner"
Every girl love eyeliner right? once you know about eyeliner, you'll never stop being eyeliner girl.
It can the change the look of the eyes completely, from the sleepy eyes to gorgeous eyes 
( if you have skill or trained for it for such duration). What I love about eyeliner is it can totally change the appearance of my eyes and depend on product it can last longer until late night. So, it important to choose eyeliner wisely. 
As I remember, I started to use eyeliner back to university time, it quite late for me but honestly, I don't even know how to use it, I always tear up whenever I try to wear it. Do you have the same experience? But, after learn how to apply it, I can say I can apply correctly now even though sometime a bit messed up but its okay.
Please read more for more tips how to buy best eyeliner.

Outfit Diary : The shade of blue

Photo by Elyss Mering

Happy Sunday!
As usual I will share my outfit diary for today.
I wore one of my favorite color today, its shade of blue. I love so many color and I don't know what color I really like. I love everything in my life and feel thankful for each day in my life.
Special story today, I feel so excited today because after such a long time, I didn't join the dancers group in our church and finally I able to dancing for God again and it special for pre Christmas celebration. So excited to share it with you guys here. And, yes..Christmas season is already here, I'm so excited! But, at the same time, I feel a bit sad because 2014 going to end. I feel like 2014 is going to end very fast compare to other previous year, maybe because I growing up older or so many great things happen? I don't know, what I know is 2014 passing by very fast.
My big lesson for 2014 is learn to love yourself better than other. Love yourself better by accept everything about you and don't compare yourself with others, I don't say compare yourself is bad, its good but always try to be the best in your life.
More photo below.

Outfit ideas : Two ways to wear white shirt

Photo credit : Mango.com

Hi Keriit Leto!
It's Friday,yay! 
If you are visited my blog this week or follow my Instagram (@keriitleto_estellepaya),you'll noticed almost photo I shared since last week was wearing my white shirt. Yes! I'm currently love,love,love my white shirt. I bought this gorgeous white shirt at Mango and it totally worth it! I feel I can't stop wear it, I feel like I want wear it every day. Do you ever have this kind of feeling whenever you bought new clothes? Let me know if you are like this too.
Without further due, let me give sweet talk to my white shirt first ( she deserve my sweet talk right now). What I really love about this white shirt is I think I can pair it  with almost outfits that I already owned. Whenever I feel like I want to be smart casual, just grab my pair of jeans or any pants and I am ready for casual look. And, for the formal way, just pairing it with my midi skirt ( this time, I pairing it with my white midi skirt) and its look great for went to church or hang out with your friends.In my opinion, the "ideal" clothes is something that you can wear many way without people/friends even notice it ( they might notice but its not obvious). For me, buying this white shirt such a great "investment" on my wardrobe because it very easy to style it.
But, there one thing worried me, how to take care of it?
If you have a good tips how to take care of white shirt, please share with me!
More photos as below.

Under purple umbrella

Hello KeriitLeto!
It's Wednesday and that mean we are in the middle of the week, aren't you excited?
I am so excited because in couple day, I can rest and do anything that I love. And, you know what I love..hehe, I love to do my outfit shoot or shooting beautiful creatures especially flower or scenery at nearest park ( but for now, I don't dare to share it because I feel not satisfy and confident about the result, learning process always like this).
So, today I wanna share one of my "extra" scene of my outfit shoot on last Sunday ( I wore the same outfit here but with my purple umbrella).
A bit history of this umbrella..ahha
Read more for more story of this purple umbrella..

Outfit Diary : Pure as white

Photo by Suzanti Lim

Hello Keriitleto!

Today, I am so excited to share about my outfit diary because each pieces that I wore on Sunday is very special.
As you already know, my friends from Sarawak came to KL on last weekend for attending one of our friends wedding ( I keep thinking of them now..) and they make a little surprise for my upcoming birthday. Oh my God, totally unexpected! I am so touching whenever think of it even now. I supposedly not to celebrate early, right? because I heard that some people said it not good to do that. But, I am not really sure about Kenyah people, can we celebrate our birthday early?
Since my friends living far away from me, so maybe this one can be accepted, right?
So, what is really special about this week outfit?


How to take care of your contact lenses

Hi my friends!
Its officially Friday!!
This Friday, I am not feeling very well, I feel such a big headache, I think I'm think too much now. There a lot of thing on my mind..hurmm..
But, let forget about that and I want to talk about something useful. Here it is!
I been wearing contact lenses off and on this year because I'm too lazy to wear it. I always prefer sunglasses but recently I am getting tired of my sunglasses, it hurt my nose bridge, i don't know why. Wearing contact lenses mean you need to care more about it because it directly to your eyes.
So, after trying so many brand of contact lenses solution, I finally in love with this one.
What it is?
Check it out!


Where to eat at The Mines?

Hi Keriitleto!
This time, I want to share my favorite spot to eat at The Mines.
First spot is Ah Yip Herbal Soup restaurants. I love the herbal soup here..yummy! 
and second spot is Cha Time. I love drink the bubble tea because its make me feel so bubbly..ahaha.
I know, too common right?
I am not extra ordinary person, I like to eat at place that I feel so good and of course not very expensive.

Borneo Girlfriends

Hi Keriitleto!
How are you? Hope everything working very well in your life.
Last weekend, I have such a blessed weekend because my friends from university come to KL to see one our friend's wedding.
On this post, I will share my "photoshoot" with my Borneo girlfriends last weekend.
I feel such a waste if I am not sharing the photo with you guys. I know, its already flooding on my Facebook page but its okay, right?
I had such a awesome time with them and I feel like don't want let them go back to Sarawak, this distance is make us apart but life must go on, right?
To make myself not missed them so much after they going back, I decided to asked them to do this crazy thing with me at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya and lucky they said "yes" and we have a little time to do this.
Here is the result.
Hope you'll enjoy the photo and please share you thought of it.

{Real Wedding } : Puvaneesvaran & Savisha's Wedding Ceremony

Good day my dear friends!
Now, I am back being alone here again.
I am so happy when my friends staying with me last weekend. I got someone to talked, laughing about some random things or more specific, our funny memories during our study time, laughing over some stupid decision that we ever made in this life. I miss that things so much. They know me very well and what happened to myself during my "young time" and I knew about them very well too, so its so great to laugh at ourselves. There so many things happened this past 3 years, some friends move on for better life for sure, everyone on this track, some of us still the same especially in body size and some of us changing in this , I short words, everyone is changing for their own good . As for me, I think I getting bigger obviously but I am really happy about that sometime...ahha because that show that i am happy, am I wrong?hahhaa.
Move on to the special topic today, its my friend's wedding. I honestly feel so sad when I saw her during her wedding ceremony because I'm thinking of all the good and funny memories with her. I don't know if I have right to feel sad but I always feel this way whenever my friends getting married..its funny right? But at the same time, I feel so happy for her because she finally found someone that she waiting for. During my study time, there one time I went back to her house and she introduced me and another my Kenyah friend to her family and on her wedding day, I managed to see her family again and I feel so touching because her mum, brother and sister still remember me after so many year, that make me feel so great and blessed to have friend like her. I start to teary now..ughh.. I always feel wanna crying whenever I feel so touching about something, I think I feel so sensitive nowadays.
Okay, I don't want to cry on my own now, let's enjoy the photos.
Share you thought about my photos..hehe


{Outfit Diary} : What to wear in Indian wedding?

Hello my dear friends!
Today, I will share about "What to wear in Indian wedding". It quite obvious but I love to share my experience..hehe. And, in case you want to know what to wear whenever you attend Indian wedding, I hope I will inspired you. For my Indian friends, if you have any extra tips on what to wear in Indian wedding, please do let me know. I love to hear from you guys!
 For me, its okay to wear you nice clothes ( I mean dresses) if you don't have Punjabi suit but I really love to wear their traditional clothes for the special day. I feel so blessed to have friend that can buy me this Punjabi suit, I really appreciate this and I will keep this on my special place in my wardrobe and I will wear it again next time.
This is my third time attending Indian wedding so I knew what to wear already. Last time, I was wearing dress and for the third time and special version for my dear friend, Savisha, me and my friends wearing Punjabi suit ( I am not sure whether this is correct or not..).
Hope you'll love the photos.


Outfit Diary : Airport outfit idea | Kenyah Badeng necklace

Photo by Wendy Bong

Yay! Finally, November is here.
I love November so much and you know why..hehe, I can start counting my birthday from now on..
The starting of this November is so great because I finally can meet some of my old friends from university after couple of years, I really miss them so much! Seeing them "live" today, make me feel so blessed to have friends for life. And, since I am so excited to see my old friends and I suggest one of my old friend to come with me to airport to fetch one of our friends and of course, I always come out with crazy idea.And, here it is..I ask my friend to stop at road side with the KLIA2 background. I always want to have outfit shoot here, so here it is.