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Borneo Girlfriends

04 November 2014

Hi Keriitleto!
How are you? Hope everything working very well in your life.
Last weekend, I have such a blessed weekend because my friends from university come to KL to see one our friend's wedding.
On this post, I will share my "photoshoot" with my Borneo girlfriends last weekend.
I feel such a waste if I am not sharing the photo with you guys. I know, its already flooding on my Facebook page but its okay, right?
I had such a awesome time with them and I feel like don't want let them go back to Sarawak, this distance is make us apart but life must go on, right?
To make myself not missed them so much after they going back, I decided to asked them to do this crazy thing with me at Taman Putra Perdana, Putrajaya and lucky they said "yes" and we have a little time to do this.
Here is the result.
Hope you'll enjoy the photo and please share you thought of it.

Our must do pose >> Kiss blowing pose..hahaha

Next is sitting down pose but too bad..we couldn't capture our beautiful shoes.. :(

 Here what will happen when one of your girlfriend will getting married...haha

Okay, here is fun part. I make my friends posing alone in front of the camera and I am having fun shooting their photo. I knew that, I need to keep improving on this. I can't wait for the expert moment..hehe

My friend having fun posing under the sun..I am sorry friends..hehe but you doing very well here  Yun :)

Peek a boo time..

I am feeling bad if I am not in front of the camera. I wished that I have a twin that have same passion with me so I can be in front and behind the camera at the same time..haha.
But, my pose here is very weird because I can't even see my another hand..ahha

Group photo. I am going to missed this time so much!

Anddd.. time for having fun!
I love jumping pose..but doing with some of friends is the hardest..haha, we keep messing up..ahaha

One of the weirdest one is here..haha

 Last but not least, I want to say special thanks to my friends for making my small wishes/dream come true. I always wished do this kind of "photoshoot" with my friends and now, you guys make it come true! Truly thank you and I hope all this photos will be always on your album/computer/hardisk/ or anywhere you put it and you'll feel great and happy whenever see it in future. I don't know what will happen in future so I hope you'll always have a great life and don't forget to help someone that need your help and if there anything happen to your life, let share that with me.

Thanks for visiting and read my blog,
God bless you always.


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