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How to take care of your contact lenses

07 November 2014

Hi my friends!
Its officially Friday!!
This Friday, I am not feeling very well, I feel such a big headache, I think I'm think too much now. There a lot of thing on my mind..hurmm..
But, let forget about that and I want to talk about something useful. Here it is!
I been wearing contact lenses off and on this year because I'm too lazy to wear it. I always prefer sunglasses but recently I am getting tired of my sunglasses, it hurt my nose bridge, i don't know why. Wearing contact lenses mean you need to care more about it because it directly to your eyes.
So, after trying so many brand of contact lenses solution, I finally in love with this one.
What it is?
Check it out!

Here, how to use this stuff ;
1. Open the case and put your contact lenses inside it just like below.

2. Need to remember to put the solution till the line.

3.This is how its working, you'll see kind of bubble..

Last but no flower for you!

Thanks for visiting and read my blog!
See you next time,

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