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Keriitleto Tips : How to buy best eyeliner

17 November 2014

Hello Keriitleto!
How you doin' today? Hope you doing well and feeling good.
Me? I currently feel so happy about something ( its secret!), only God know about it now.
This is my long due post but, now here I am, to post about "How to buy best eyeliner"
Every girl love eyeliner right? once you know about eyeliner, you'll never stop being eyeliner girl.
It can the change the look of the eyes completely, from the sleepy eyes to gorgeous eyes 
( if you have skill or trained for it for such duration). What I love about eyeliner is it can totally change the appearance of my eyes and depend on product it can last longer until late night. So, it important to choose eyeliner wisely. 
As I remember, I started to use eyeliner back to university time, it quite late for me but honestly, I don't even know how to use it, I always tear up whenever I try to wear it. Do you have the same experience? But, after learn how to apply it, I can say I can apply correctly now even though sometime a bit messed up but its okay.
Please read more for more tips how to buy best eyeliner.

1. Choose the right type of eyeliner
There five types of eyeliner that I ever know which is pencil, pen, gel & cream, liquid and powder.
I personally love pencil and pen ( sometime this one look like black marker). The reason I love this type of eyeliner because it very easy to use and the result also quite good. Previously, I have tried gel & cream and liquid but I always end up messed up, I am not really expert on that yet. But, for now, I'm happily use pencil and pen eyeliner but sometime, I used my liquid eyeliner whenever I feel wanna do the winged style(cat eyes), it more easier and sharp.
So, please remember, choose the right type of eyeliner first and begin to experiment. For the beginner level, it better to choose pencil and pen first.
My personal favorite is as below :
Maybelline Colossal Kajal

2. The color of eyeliner
Before this, I only know black eyeliner and of course, I stick with it because i love it!
But,then I feel wanna experiment a little, then I bought a cheap pink and electric blue eyeliner which I'm not use so often now because its so hard to match with my outfits and it look unnatural. If you feel experimental and wanna trying something different then you can try pop color of eyeliner.
 As for me, I still stick with black eyeliner for now because I feel comfortable and confident about it. I recommend you to buy the neutral eyeliner for your eyes. For Malaysian girls, the best color eyeliner is black and brown. 
Honestly said, I'm not usually apply such a heavy eyeliner but its depends on my mood and occasion.
3. The right formula of eyeliner
There 3 common formula for eyeliner which is waterproof, smudge-resistant and sensitive eyes eyeliner. The well known is waterproof. All of my eyeliner is waterproof but I must said that sometime the product said waterproof but at the end of the day, my eyes end up like "panda". But, so far my favorite not like this so that why I still stick with it. If you're heavily use eyeliner, you can always choose the waterproof eyeliner.

Tips: Whenever apply eyeliner, apply concealer under your eyes to avoid the panda eyes at the end of the day.

 And, below is the typical routine of myself apply eyeliner. Usually, I wear my contact lenses before apply eyeliner.
I really love the eyeliner that no need to sharp it just roll it and easy!
It just come out like this..
Don't laugh at me here. I usually like this..hahaha, my eyes is widely open and also my mouth and I feel my nose always feel bigger during this time.
I don't know if anyone apply eyeliner like me, I usually open my eyes as above and apply eyeliner under the eyelids first, then after that I apply above my eyes, I feel so comfortable about this. Most of friends ask me, do my eyes not feel itchy or what after I apply eyeliner under my eyelid? I feel okay about this technic.
Here is the final result. What do you think?

Eyeliner can bring the dramatic transformations to your eyes. As you know, eyeliner is very easy to apply but you need to spent time to experimenting and skill up your skill for beautiful defined eyes. I still keep learning now for the perfect eyeliner skills.

Thanks for visit and read my blog, hope this will help you in next eyeliner purchase.
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Hope this will help you and have a good time!

God bless you,
Estelle Paya Roni

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