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Officially saying goodbye!

30 November 2014

Photo by Gen

Hi my dear friends!
Today is my birthday and now, I can officially saying goodbye to my 25!
Yay! I'm getting older and wiser..hahaha
Big thanks to my friends ( Irene, Marina and Gen) for being there with me on my birthday. This is our third years celebrating each other birthday at Bangi area and this year quite special we went to Wangsa Maju. Thanks for the wishes and everything, God bless you guys always.
To my lovely best friend ( Loretta Bulan), I feel missed you so bad whenever come to my birthday..because I used to have a good time with you whenever come to my birthday, I love hang out and do some fun and weird things with you..I miss you very much now..huhu and thanks for wish me Happy Birthday today, I wait for you wishes actually..ahahha ( my eyes getting teary now..I miss you girl!)
More story and photos after read more.

I need to believe that I am 25 years old now so I need to be wiser and smart enough to clean all mess that I make in my life and cherish every moment that I got everyday. I hope for coming day in my life, I want to "giving more than receive" to all my family members and friends, I know giving is the hardest one to do but I will trying my very best on this. 
Let enjoy some of the photos for my birthday celebration yesterday..

Here is one of my housemate, Irene 

 My unnie, Marina Unnie.. I always thankful for being her friends.

Yesterday,I feel so lazy to take out my camera because I am so impressed with iphone6 camera ( my housemate smartphone) 

Here is four of us yesterday!

 Birthday gift from The Face Shop..yahooo!

What I love about my birthday is its Christmas ready!

I just can't wait for Christmas Day!

Here we are with hot tea.. I didn't remember this shop name..huhu

Precious gift from Marina Unnie, all the way from Singapore. Thank you unnie for this wonderful gift!

Wefie..I don't know whether that correct or not, I just know selfie..hehe

We love Christmas decorations so here we are..Christmas song and Christmas things everywhere..yay!

We at Secret Recipe to try out Durian Cheese cake..its soooooo durian..hehe, I love it!

See you on next post for my outfit diary post..hehe

God bless you!

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