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Outfit Diary : Airport outfit idea | Kenyah Badeng necklace

01 November 2014

Photo by Wendy Bong

Yay! Finally, November is here.
I love November so much and you know why..hehe, I can start counting my birthday from now on..
The starting of this November is so great because I finally can meet some of my old friends from university after couple of years, I really miss them so much! Seeing them "live" today, make me feel so blessed to have friends for life. And, since I am so excited to see my old friends and I suggest one of my old friend to come with me to airport to fetch one of our friends and of course, I always come out with crazy idea.And, here it is..I ask my friend to stop at road side with the KLIA2 background. I always want to have outfit shoot here, so here it is. 
Kind of awkward face for the test shoot..hehe
This outfit is great for airport outfit ( I am in front of airport now, so I feel this suit for airport..haha), you can wear it whenever you want to travel somewhere in comfort way without any hassle. I know, inside the plane will be cold so please don't forget your jacket.


For the outfit today, I wearing my white shirt, blue jeans and my sunglasses..
And special accessory for today is my kenyah necklace..yay!
What do you think?

And now, I borrow my friend's special handbag. This bag really contrast  with my outfit so I think  its really suit my outfit today.

Okay, now the funniest pose..haha, I am trying to "naturally" grab my friend's handbag but hahha.. its not that very natural..

Last but not least, I am really sorry for my late post for Sunday outfit. 
For the next post, I will share something really special that happen on 2 November 2014.
Please wait ya!

God bless you!

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