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Outfit Diary : The color of Christmas

23 November 2014

Hi everyone!
Finally, the day that I'm waiting for and most exciting day already happened.Yay! I'm so glad that the special day passed by. I can't wait for the real Christmas. 
For now, I will wait patiently for the upcoming Christmas, there 1 month to go. For this special day, I wore my black turtle neck shirt pairing with my red midi skirt, the theme was red and green but I don't have any green shirt so I think this will be great pairing.  And, I add the long necklace from F-Block to make my black shirt more beautiful..hehe. As for my hair, my friend help me do the braid, I like it!
Enjoy the photo below.

I'm not sure how to do the make up so this what I can do..haha

I must said " I'm big and bigger!"..ahaa

And, of course taking this kind of photo every pre-christmas at church.

This is our gift for this pre-christmas!
Sorry for quite blur bad!

This Christmas hat is quite different from what I bought last year.. I really love it!

I always have a dream to walking on the road full of snow during Christmas season..How awesome is that!

As usual, my hometown food always the best so as you can see my portion is quite big..haha but I shared this with my friend.

For now, I will wait for Christmas patiently!


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