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Outfit Diary : Just another white and black | My 26th birthday

30 November 2014

Photo by Gen

Holla! Happy Sunday!
Just a quick post for outfit diary this week.
Today its my birthday but I feel sick..what a very bad timing. I just staying at home and writing this blog post. I wished I can go outside, shoot some outfit diary and take some photos, but too bad, this sickness really kill me and  I am dying to push my shutter button now and as you may realized, the weather also not appropriate nowadays, rainy day every evening. But, I kind like it.
Okay, let talk about my outfit pairing. This pairing I wore yesterday. Actually, this is my last minute pairing. I don't know what to wearing because its raining day and I can't think where we headed to. So, I decide to wear my button down white t-shirt from Thrift shop ( the price is RM10) with my cute singlet and my black pant. And, since its raining so I wearing the flip flop because I don't want to ruin my shoes..hehe
Hope you enjoy the pairings.
All photos was taken using iPhone6.
More photos after read more.

Please excuse my tummy!hahha, I feel so full this time so I can't hide the tummy...hehe

I'm so glad I found this white t-shirt because I can wearing it as my jacket and I can wear it in formal and unformal way..yay!

And, I always love to take photos with Santa Claus because who know I can have my wishes this year...haha, just kidding!

That's all for the outfit diary this week. See you another week.

God bless you!

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