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Outfit Diary : Pure as white

10 November 2014

Photo by Suzanti Lim

Hello Keriitleto!

Today, I am so excited to share about my outfit diary because each pieces that I wore on Sunday is very special.
As you already know, my friends from Sarawak came to KL on last weekend for attending one of our friends wedding ( I keep thinking of them now..) and they make a little surprise for my upcoming birthday. Oh my God, totally unexpected! I am so touching whenever think of it even now. I supposedly not to celebrate early, right? because I heard that some people said it not good to do that. But, I am not really sure about Kenyah people, can we celebrate our birthday early?
Since my friends living far away from me, so maybe this one can be accepted, right?
So, what is really special about this week outfit?

The special one is the midi skirt. Yeah! I have so many midi skirt already but I still in love with them. And, this is my second pair of white midi skirt, I love it! Plus, it very special gift from my dear friends.
Thank you my dear friends for giving me the surprise! I really love you guys and this make me miss you guys every time I saw the skirt.
I remember, we always do surprises whenever come to our birthday last time, there one that still very clear on my mind, its Bulan birthday.. we want to buy surprise cake for her but she already bought on her own..hahha and also, Visha shorty birthday, i think that the most creative cake ever we make..haha. But now, since we live far from each other, I hope we will not forget to wish happy birthday to each other every year(sometime I forgot, I am sorry, I will try harder to remember everyone birthday). 
Okay, move on to my photos today.

and now, let enjoy my photo with "handsome" tree..hehe

I always having fun whenever I having my outfit shoot. This time, I do "serious" dancing in the roadside..haha, there so many people passing by there actually.. :)

Personally, I really love all white pairing because I feel like fresh and confident.
Whenever you feel wanna freshen up your outfit, wear all white, it look wonderful and you'll feel great.

Before I end my post, I want to say "Happy Birthday" to my close friend/unnie, Marina Getrie. Today is her birthday..yay! She is wonderful girl that I ever known and I learned so much things from her action. Thanks for being with me during my hard and wonderful time, I hope our journey will keep crossing each other.
Happy Birthday lovely Unnie :)
God bless you!

Thanks for reading and visit my blog!
Have a wonderful day!


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