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What to wear in Indian wedding?

02 November 2014

Hello my dear friends!
Today, I will share about "What to wear in Indian wedding". It quite obvious but I love to share my experience..hehe. And, in case you want to know what to wear whenever you attend Indian wedding, I hope I will inspired you. For my Indian friends, if you have any extra tips on what to wear in Indian wedding, please do let me know. I love to hear from you guys!
 For me, its okay to wear you nice clothes ( I mean dresses) if you don't have Punjabi suit but I really love to wear their traditional clothes for the special day. I feel so blessed to have friend that can buy me this Punjabi suit, I really appreciate this and I will keep this on my special place in my wardrobe and I will wear it again next time.
This is my third time attending Indian wedding so I knew what to wear already. Last time, I was wearing dress and for the third time and special version for my dear friend, Savisha, me and my friends wearing Punjabi suit ( I am not sure whether this is correct or not..).
Hope you'll love the photos.

Okay, start the photo with some candid photo of myself staring at somewhere..hehe

Now, let stare at my dear "boyfie"..hehe

What I really love about this outfit is the details on the top. I matched this outfit with bright lipstick from MAC ( I try my friend's lipstick and the color is really great!)

Sometime, I feel funny whenever see my photo because I feel like I am trying so hard to look like below..hahha, I prefer the craziest version of me ( I am not sure if I can share here because you guys will freak out..haha) but from now, please accept my kind of "innocent" face.. ^__^

Now, move on the full shoot..yay! Here is the full shoot of my outfit today. I feel so great whenever I wearing something beautiful and feel confident about myself. So, whenever you feel so down, grab some outfit that really make you feel great and go ahead with your head up!

I really love this color and I feel so confident whenever wear this.

For the next post, I will share our fun shooting after our friend wedding.
I don't know whether this one can called sneak peek..hehe.

Thanks for reading and visit my blog!
See you next post.. 

God bless you,

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