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Outfit ideas : Two ways to wear white shirt

14 November 2014

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Hi Keriit Leto!
It's Friday,yay! 
If you are visited my blog this week or follow my Instagram (@keriitleto_estellepaya),you'll noticed almost photo I shared since last week was wearing my white shirt. Yes! I'm currently love,love,love my white shirt. I bought this gorgeous white shirt at Mango and it totally worth it! I feel I can't stop wear it, I feel like I want wear it every day. Do you ever have this kind of feeling whenever you bought new clothes? Let me know if you are like this too.
Without further due, let me give sweet talk to my white shirt first ( she deserve my sweet talk right now). What I really love about this white shirt is I think I can pair it  with almost outfits that I already owned. Whenever I feel like I want to be smart casual, just grab my pair of jeans or any pants and I am ready for casual look. And, for the formal way, just pairing it with my midi skirt ( this time, I pairing it with my white midi skirt) and its look great for went to church or hang out with your friends.In my opinion, the "ideal" clothes is something that you can wear many way without people/friends even notice it ( they might notice but its not obvious). For me, buying this white shirt such a great "investment" on my wardrobe because it very easy to style it.
But, there one thing worried me, how to take care of it?
If you have a good tips how to take care of white shirt, please share with me!
More photos as below.

For Outfit 1,I wearing it for my lunch with my friends. I feel so good and confident about this pairing.

For outfit 2, I wearing it when I when to church last week. Its all white pairing and I feel great whenever wearing all white outfit for church services. :)

and, not to forget my comfortable heels.

So, that all for this Friday!

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

See you next time.

Photographer : Suzanti Lim

God bless you,

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