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Real DIY : DIY Christmas cards

29 November 2014

Hi there!
Happy Friday..
As the November going to be end very soon, the Christmas spirit is getting stronger inside my heart. Especially whenever it rainy day, feeling cold ( no winter here..huhu) and I will immediately feel that Christmas day is around the corner. And, I keep listening to my current favorite song " I'll be home by Meghan Trainor", here is the link :
This song really expressed my feeling for this moment.
Since Christmas is still not here yet, let do some preparations. One of the special preparation this year is make #diy Christmas card for my family and friends.
I know, nowadays people not really interested on giving card when Christmas or any festive right? . I admit that, this happen to me too. Some common reason is the card is expensive, not really practical and the design is not really suit my taste. So, I want to make difference this year. I want to give card to each of my family members and friends that celebrate the Christmas. I decided to do this because I always have a good feeling whenever I read my "old" Christmas card that my friends giving me last time( especially during my high school) and whenever I read it again, I feel so good and feel can't wait for Christmas again and I can't wait to see them again( some of them I can't meet because I lost contact with them). 
In my opinion, handwriting card to wishes Christmas to each other is beautiful because we can write whatever we want to say and they can read it over and over again anytime without need to power on their smart devices. Also, we can keep it as our memory.
So, hopefully this Christmas you can give Christmas card to your family,friends and beloved one. If you don't have money to buy Christmas card, don't worry! Let do #diy together.
I will reveal something that can help you for this #diy.

If you interested in photo editing ,you probably recognize below Photo Editor Apps.
So, far I used this two Photo Editor to enhance my photos if very bad lighting on my photos and make some fun things on photos.

Here is my review or opinion regarding this two apps;
For the, it TOTALLY FREE and if you want, you can sign up using Facebook or email to use many functions on this photo editor.

For the Pic Monkey, you can use it for FREE but some of the function is only for ROYALE users, so in case you can afford it you can  purchase it. It worth it!

In my case, I prefer Pic Monkey especially the ROYALE functions, I love all of it!

Here is the result of my #diy for Christmas card.

That's all for the Christmas card! Hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Best Regards,

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