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{Real Wedding } : Puvaneesvaran & Savisha's Wedding Ceremony

03 November 2014

Good day my dear friends!
Now, I am back being alone here again.
I am so happy when my friends staying with me last weekend. I got someone to talked, laughing about some random things or more specific, our funny memories during our study time, laughing over some stupid decision that we ever made in this life. I miss that things so much. They know me very well and what happened to myself during my "young time" and I knew about them very well too, so its so great to laugh at ourselves. There so many things happened this past 3 years, some friends move on for better life for sure, everyone on this track, some of us still the same especially in body size and some of us changing in this , I short words, everyone is changing for their own good . As for me, I think I getting bigger obviously but I am really happy about that sometime...ahha because that show that i am happy, am I wrong?hahhaa.
Move on to the special topic today, its my friend's wedding. I honestly feel so sad when I saw her during her wedding ceremony because I'm thinking of all the good and funny memories with her. I don't know if I have right to feel sad but I always feel this way whenever my friends getting married..its funny right? But at the same time, I feel so happy for her because she finally found someone that she waiting for. During my study time, there one time I went back to her house and she introduced me and another my Kenyah friend to her family and on her wedding day, I managed to see her family again and I feel so touching because her mum, brother and sister still remember me after so many year, that make me feel so great and blessed to have friend like her. I start to teary now..ughh.. I always feel wanna crying whenever I feel so touching about something, I think I feel so sensitive nowadays.
Okay, I don't want to cry on my own now, let's enjoy the photos.
Share you thought about my photos..hehe

Here is the wedding invitation card..beautiful!

I love this kind of road..look so green..

Here is the entrance..we so excited to take photo here.. Here is my friends from Borneo ( Sarawak and Sabah).

The Unimap students is here. I feel so great seeing them healthy and happy :)

And, here is another great friend in my life. She the one that see my craziest side and some unseen side of myself ( or do I expose everything??hahaha..), I had a good time during my study time because of this great girl. I don't know how will my journey of life without her. In case,she will read this post, I want sincerely say " I am sorry for not being a very good friend to you and I am sorry for sometime ignore you when I have kind of special friends, you know what I mean Geethu, I feel so stupid now..haha". Please remember me until you getting old, okay.?

I don't know why I feel so sad whenever I talked about my friends nowadays. I feel so sensitive..ugh..I hate the weak side of myself so much. I don't want to be a weak girl.

Let's see some of my friends wedding photo ( I feel hesitate to take her photo because I scared I will disturb her official photographer.) And, I realized I still need to improve myself on capture the moving object..

Here is my beautiful friend aka the bride.

After the ceremony and here is our official photo with the bride and groom. This one will be on the album. 

Here is special photo with Savisha's family with my friends.

Before we went back, let take another photo..haha, I cannot resist to take photo in this wonderful place and with wonderful people.

As I promised on here, I will share our own kind of "photo shoot" on next post..
See you on next post!

Thanks for read and visit my blog!

God bless you!

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