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Where to eat at The Mines?

05 November 2014

Hi Keriitleto!
This time, I want to share my favorite spot to eat at The Mines.
First spot is Ah Yip Herbal Soup restaurants. I love the herbal soup here..yummy! 
and second spot is Cha Time. I love drink the bubble tea because its make me feel so bubbly..ahaha.
I know, too common right?
I am not extra ordinary person, I like to eat at place that I feel so good and of course not very expensive.
1. Ah Yip Herbal Soup Restaurant

Usually, when I came eat here, I always order the same things. And, here it is :

Here is my favorite herbal soup. Its ABC soup, I don't know why they called this ABC soup, this soup is good for ladies ( state on the menu..hehe)

My all the time favorite..every time I came here, I only ordered this..haha, I always like that. If I really enjoying some food, I will enjoy it until I become bored with it. For now, I am not bored yet, so I ate this again.

                                                          Close up! Yummy!

 This is our first photo together after many years..hahha, look awkward? No right?hehe

Here is my beautiful friend. Eat so many ar?? ahhaha

2. Cha time

And for sure, I will go to Cha Time after few minutes walking..haha, my digestion quite fast.Usually, I will order the same drink everytime I went to Cha time but this time, since there new flavor, so let try it! Anddd.. the craziest behaviour come again. I do the shooting with my friends in the Cha time again..with so many people in front of us, staring at us but we keep laughing and do our best for the shake of good photo..ahha

That's all!
First meeting with old friends is always the great time in my life.
Hope we will keep be friends until we getting old and come back to our eternal home.

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!

God bless you,

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