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Outfit Diary : Flowery dress pairing + Christmas love!

Happy Sunday, my dear friends!
This is our second last Sunday this year. We finally approaching the end of year 2014. For me, this year is no big different than last year because every year I have such a big challenge that I need to overcome with. If I had heart attack, I am not sure if I still survive now. But, thanks God for make me survive until today.
 Christmas day in 3 days but I'm still here and not with my family around, I just can't wait to going back home now. But, its okay! I will going back home tomorrow, so I feel so excited now.
After miss this so many week and here, I want to share my outfit today.
This time is one piece flowery dress. I bought this dress at Vietnam and the moment I saw it, I have a lot of pairing in my mind and after I go around for quick search for the cheapest price ( I need to be speedy because I have so limited time), then I finally bought this for 110000Dong ( around RM18). 
So, here is some of pairing of this flower dress. And, before that, since now is Christmas season, so it so alright for me to share Christmas photo with Christmas tree and decorations at shopping mall..I just love that.
Please click read more for more photos and pairing ideas.

Hello, Ho Chi Minh city!

Hi dear friends!
After away for 1 week from our lovely country, I'm back again. I love my job whenever come to travel..hahaa and I always believe,
" Appreciate whatever you have now and work hard for what you want for future"
And, I have so many story to tell you guys. Can I start from day 1(15 Dec 2014)? hehehe...but it will be very long I make it short.
Okay, let get started!
This is my second time went to Vietnam or to be specific, Ho Chi Minh city. But, its not for vacation  but my work, but I have some time to go around in the middle, that I love it.
I been dreaming to go there for vacation very soon.
Click read more for more story...

Travel again..

Hello dear friends!
I'm sorry for my missing in action again..hahaha, I been busy with some office stuff and #keriitleto year end project. Talking about work, I been doing "double job" lately, I mean on the day, I went to office and do my day job and when I come back from office, I'll be focus on #keriitleto. Maybe, there no much changing on #keriitleto now but I will keep working on it. I have many plan for #keriitleto for 2015 but it quite unorganized yet but I really want to work hard to make all my dreams come true.
Okay, tonight I have one great news to tell you guys. I will be travel again tomorrow!
The location is  Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


5 Online shops to buy your Christmas gifts this year

Hello again!
I am back with another Christmas preparation post.
I'm not sure whether just me having some hard time whenever come to buy Christmas gift especially when decided what to buy and where to buy.
For previous post, I shared about "How to choose Christmas gift on a tight budget" and now,
where to shop for your Christmas gift ( online shop version).
 As you may know, every products in the market nowadays  is price up so need to think wisely before buying.
So, after considering, deep thinking and come out with my endless list, I come up with little ideas. Why not buying some Christian book or music or calendars for someone you love and remember,right? I can learn better and I can encourage my family and friends become stronger in their faith and at the same time, I can support our local Christian bookstore and online shop.
And,here is some of the online shop that I discover recently during my exploration/hunting or considering for Christmas gifts. Please click read more to check the store website link.

5 tips how to choose Christmas gifts on a tight budget

Hello my dear friends!
It second week of December and 16 day before upcoming Christmas. I am excited!
I can't wait to going back home, how about you? I hope you feel so "dying" to going back home just like me. haha
For the first week of December(last week), my whole week(after work to be more specific) so busy to surveying and buying gift for my family for this upcoming Christmas day. Need to remember that, Christmas gifts is not compulsory during Christmas day but for me, I love doing this because I love to see my family smile and how excited to open the gifts. Honestly, I never had that chance when my younger time but my parents give us the biggest gift ever which is their unconditional love and good food, I feel blessed with that. What I really missed now is the smell of homemade biscuit all over the house and our neighborhood, errmmm...I love homemade biscuit smell..hehe
This is my 3rd year as a working lady so its been 3 year  for me giving gift to my family, I love doing this stuff. I am not giving so fancy gifts but I feel so good by giving to other family member and friends. But,past two years,honestly said, no good experience for me because I am over budget and spending so much, worst thing is I buying bigger size shoes for my brother..huhu
So, this year I learned from mistakes and ready to shop Christmas gift with some tips that I experience.
Read more for great tips before choose Christmas gifts on tight budget.

First week of December

Hello my dear friends!
I am sorry for being away for one week since 1 December.
I am trying to write post frequently this December but I am super excited with my second sister family visit so I need to spend my time with them as much as I can. No blogging..haha
I am so thankful that we spending our precious time together before Christmas day this year.
Every day, after work, I end up go “jalan-jalan” and survey Christmas gift with my sister and her son.
How excited is that feeling. Finally, I got my family members to give opinion on whatever I am trying to buying for everyone.
For today post, I just want to express how thankful I am for this little thing in my life.


What I'm thankful for today (1 December 2014)

I'm officially 26 years old now, so here am I as a 26 with my very first post!
What i'm thankful for this first day of my exciting month.
Welcome December 2014!!

1.I'm able to wake up in monday morning, im not late..

2.Celebrating my birthday with others November babies at office.. Love the wrapped burger king! Plus the pink cake.. Hehe

3. My second sister called me and told me they come to kl tomorrow.what an exciting news!!

4. Receieved some sweets from my wonderful boss! Thank you boss!

5. Become the first one standing in front of the cake todayy, i love blow the candles

6. Seeing my colleagues smile because of my funny slang..jajajaja

7. Bumped with #hotel today, i cant even look up.. Man!

8. Seeing Maznee n her baby healthy.. I love to see her with her baby bump, getting bigger each day..

9. Have a coffee break with friend, Thiah..we love coffee.

10. I'm proudly said "i love my round face" and i really mean it! No more dream of v- shaped face because i just in love with myself!

I want to start to thankful for whatever in my life and i dont want mind to share here on my blog because i love all the things even though some of it, just my dreams.. I will keep dreamin till i get it!

Be thankful everyday.
God bless you,