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5 tips how to choose Christmas gifts on a tight budget

09 December 2014

Hello my dear friends!
It second week of December and 16 day before upcoming Christmas. I am excited!
I can't wait to going back home, how about you? I hope you feel so "dying" to going back home just like me. haha
For the first week of December(last week), my whole week(after work to be more specific) so busy to surveying and buying gift for my family for this upcoming Christmas day. Need to remember that, Christmas gifts is not compulsory during Christmas day but for me, I love doing this because I love to see my family smile and how excited to open the gifts. Honestly, I never had that chance when my younger time but my parents give us the biggest gift ever which is their unconditional love and good food, I feel blessed with that. What I really missed now is the smell of homemade biscuit all over the house and our neighborhood, errmmm...I love homemade biscuit smell..hehe
This is my 3rd year as a working lady so its been 3 year  for me giving gift to my family, I love doing this stuff. I am not giving so fancy gifts but I feel so good by giving to other family member and friends. But,past two years,honestly said, no good experience for me because I am over budget and spending so much, worst thing is I buying bigger size shoes for my brother..huhu
So, this year I learned from mistakes and ready to shop Christmas gift with some tips that I experience.
Read more for great tips before choose Christmas gifts on tight budget.

Here is the tips :

#1 Figure out your budget
How many people you want to give a gift and how much money you have.
Always stick with your budget, I know there temptation to buying more but please keep it.

#2 Figure out the personality or what she/he might need
Buying aimlessly is not good, try to think what she/he might need.
Tips, buy the practical stuff that they can use in future.

#3 If you really don't have money, then look for the items that you have but don't want
For me, I do this every time. I have so many clothes and some of it still new so at the end of year, I will give it as Christmas gift to my sisters and some of my cousin. But, for the guys family members, I never do this because I don't have the man clothes..hahaa

#4 Think about making gifts
In case you love DIY and craft, then this is time to shine!
Expensive gift is not show big affection but thoughtful gift is always the best.

#5 Prioritize
This is very important!
Buying gift for people most importance first, for me my family is first. After that, then only buying for my friends and some of extended family.

Most of all, 
If possible, start shopping early. That way, you won't have to worry about getting your gifts too late.

Here is one of my diy gifts for this Christmas!
I can't wait to give it out to all family and friends.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See you on next tips!

Next post going to be......
Where to shop for Christmas gift ( Online shop version)

Estelle Paya Roni


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