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Hello, Ho Chi Minh city!

20 December 2014

Hi dear friends!
After away for 1 week from our lovely country, I'm back again. I love my job whenever come to travel..hahaa and I always believe,
" Appreciate whatever you have now and work hard for what you want for future"
And, I have so many story to tell you guys. Can I start from day 1(15 Dec 2014)? hehehe...but it will be very long I make it short.
Okay, let get started!
This is my second time went to Vietnam or to be specific, Ho Chi Minh city. But, its not for vacation  but my work, but I have some time to go around in the middle, that I love it.
I been dreaming to go there for vacation very soon.
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Basically, I updated so much on my Instagram here >> @keriitleto_estellepaya, so if you wanna see more photos and video, you can visit my Instagram and if you want, you can follow me :)
But, still I wanted to write what really happening on my blog. I need to updated this "little baby".
This time, my preparation is quite messy because it almost Christmas day ( 1 week before), so I had so many things to do and to prepare. But, thanks God! Everything went smoothly.
Whenever I went to Vietnam, I feel very comfortable because I have kind of multi cultural face..haha.
People always mistaken me as Vietnamese and I kind like it because I feel like local people.
I remember whenever I going around at the tourist attraction places, no people bother to promote or do anything to me because they thought I am a local, which is make me feel very comfortable. But, one thing that I really don't like is whenever come to ask price, I asked " How much is this? ", they will answered me in Vietnamesse, even though I ask them many times. At the end, they ask me " You not Vietnamesse? " and I said " No, I am not Vietnamese", and they'll say " look like Vietnamesse"..hahahha, it happen quite often or can I say "most of the time..". Sometime it very frustrating but sometime its okay. I like the freedom walking around..but it hard when come to order the food..
Okay, here is my first room at Victory Hotel Saigon! Look so luxury and they called it "luxury room", I got the luxury room for deluxe price..

Here is the outside..
Some fake flower for the decorations with tall building as a view, not bad but below there is the main street..quite noisy.

The bed is really tempting and I want sleep the whole day but I need to get up for work.!

My great companion on this trip, thanks ladies!

Bunch of ladies that make me feel pretty..haha

Here is my half wake up face with my contact lens on! I hope I can sleep more..

Okay, move on to another day..This is Pho.. I eating this on raining day and it feel so good!

Just another me on another day!

I always pack these whenever I leave the hotel, I am not going to waste it.

Okay, here is some of the historical building at Vietnam. I don't have chance to enter because I have very limited time, so just photo of it is okay, right?

I personally love the gate..feel the "royal" there..ahha, can I have like this for my future house?hahahhaa

And, of course the road is busy than ever.. A lot of taxi and motorcycle.

I don't know what this building name, but the gate is quite interesting and my lenses cannot resist it!

I still cant believe that I crossing the road with full of the motorcycle. Yes, it have traffic light but some time they won't obey it especially people on the "tepi-tepi"..I just cross it with my confident heart.

This view is quite common at there. Some lady and guys do sell food like this. That hat is quite familiar with our Kenyah saung!

I always wish that I have someone to travel with me so I can have my outfit shoot here..ahahhaa

And, this is "my street" for few days. I always passing this street whenever I went catch some dinner on my own.

ATM is everywhere and its on the street! I think its very convenience..

Of course, my favorite always be there..hehe, I love Chatime especially my old favorite, Pearl Milk Tea..hehe

Okay, here is the Ben Thanh Market from other side..I think it quite big because I don't know where to start..

Here the coffee shop,Phuc Long that I really like when I am here..This coffee can make me wake up until 4am (5am at Malaysia)..its awesome!

Okay, finally I got the shot of Ben Thanh shoot. I think it the same with last year..haha

This is inside Ben Thanh Market..its really crowded! Don't forget to bring your own portable fan! I feel so uncomfortable when I rounding around here because there smell that really bad and I don't like it.There so many things sell here and its hard to search what you want for.

Whenever you like something here, I think you need you better to remember the shop name.

Here is Saigon Square. Another place for shopping and I recommend this for all those love fashion trends. This time, I won't take the Saigon square sign because last year, I captured that!

Before I headed to airport, I went to lunch at Vietname cuisine. It really hard to order when people always mistaken me as Vietnamesse, quite tired to try speak in English. The food is not really suit my taste, maybe I am not really into that. But, its okay! I Enjoy the food!

That all for my Ho Chi Minh city quick exploration. Its not really informative but I hope you'll like it. 
If you have plan to visit Ho Chi Minh city soon, you can always ask help from Google, there plenty people blog about their tips and journey. As for now, I can't share that kind of post with you because I visit for business trip, not a vacation, I have such a limited time to explore. I hope I go  for vacation next time, so for sure I will talk about give a lot of tips and some informative info.

 Thanks for read and visit my blog!

See you again on next post.


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