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Outfit Diary : Flowery dress pairing + Christmas love!

21 December 2014

Happy Sunday, my dear friends!
This is our second last Sunday this year. We finally approaching the end of year 2014. For me, this year is no big different than last year because every year I have such a big challenge that I need to overcome with. If I had heart attack, I am not sure if I still survive now. But, thanks God for make me survive until today.
 Christmas day in 3 days but I'm still here and not with my family around, I just can't wait to going back home now. But, its okay! I will going back home tomorrow, so I feel so excited now.
After miss this so many week and here, I want to share my outfit today.
This time is one piece flowery dress. I bought this dress at Vietnam and the moment I saw it, I have a lot of pairing in my mind and after I go around for quick search for the cheapest price ( I need to be speedy because I have so limited time), then I finally bought this for 110000Dong ( around RM18). 
So, here is some of pairing of this flower dress. And, before that, since now is Christmas season, so it so alright for me to share Christmas photo with Christmas tree and decorations at shopping mall..I just love that.
Please click read more for more photos and pairing ideas.
Christmas tree and me.. :)
I need to pose just like a good girl because a lot of people waiting for their turn to take photo here..haha

Of course, this pose is never out of style for me..haha

This Christmas tree is quite different because they put the mask as their ornament..ermm..quite scary for little kids but people getting creative right?

And, now I 'm at my right place..ahha, searching for accecories which I love. And, I ended up buying watch for cheap, how can I resist it!

 Okay, here is the pairing that I can style this time. I still have so many in my mind now, but this is favorite this time. I can't wait to experiment with this flowery dress.

Pairing no.1 : All blue
I pairing this with white belt, my royal blue mini shoulder bag and blue high heels.
This pairing is great for go to church, hanging out with your friends and family :)

Pairing no.2 : White handbag
I just change my handbag..yes, that handbag really make the different.
This pairing is great for office look ( with tied your hair)

Pairing no.3 : Casual look with oversize button up shirt
Okay, this is my favorite. My friends said " this pairing is look like me..haha", I don't know what that mean, but I love this pairing so much. I feel comfortable when wearing this pairing.To look more casual and relax, I pairing it with my slip on sneakers.
This pairing is great for walk with friends and as a airport attire..haha

Pairing no.4 : Wake up
Okay, this pairing is really easy and breezy!
Since we lived in very humid country ( but now is raining season) so wearing like this is very appropriate and make you feel cool.
This pairing is great for walking around the park and hanging out at coffee shop..ahhahaa

As I mentioned previously, this is my favorite pairing. So, encore..hehehe

I hope this four pairing will give you some inspirations.
Don't afraid to do experiment with your clothes and whenever buy something, make sure you'll wear it in my way, so it will worth it!

Thanks for visit and read my blog,

Estelle Paya

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