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What I'm thankful for today (1 December 2014)

01 December 2014

I'm officially 26 years old now, so here am I as a 26 with my very first post!
What i'm thankful for this first day of my exciting month.
Welcome December 2014!!

1.I'm able to wake up in monday morning, im not late..

2.Celebrating my birthday with others November babies at office.. Love the wrapped burger king! Plus the pink cake.. Hehe

3. My second sister called me and told me they come to kl tomorrow.what an exciting news!!

4. Receieved some sweets from my wonderful boss! Thank you boss!

5. Become the first one standing in front of the cake todayy, i love blow the candles

6. Seeing my colleagues smile because of my funny slang..jajajaja

7. Bumped with #hotel today, i cant even look up.. Man!

8. Seeing Maznee n her baby healthy.. I love to see her with her baby bump, getting bigger each day..

9. Have a coffee break with friend, Thiah..we love coffee.

10. I'm proudly said "i love my round face" and i really mean it! No more dream of v- shaped face because i just in love with myself!

I want to start to thankful for whatever in my life and i dont want mind to share here on my blog because i love all the things even though some of it, just my dreams.. I will keep dreamin till i get it!

Be thankful everyday.
God bless you,

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