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KeriitLeto DIY : Wear your crown, Bae!

Hi there from here!
Today is Wednesday and its time foe for Keriitleto DIY.Fuhh! I keep my promise to post DIY every Wednesday this year.Yay!
If you follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto keriitleto_estellepaya, or visit my blog, you'll see I always make handmade flower crown crown. Yes, I rrally love to make handmade flower crown.crown,super love yo!
I always make handmade flower flower crown whenever I feel stuffy and feel like life is hard, so to forget all the negative feeling, I make handmade flower crown.
And, whenever i start think of iy, i make one and then two and three..haha
I currently on my business trip and this poat was made before I go for business trip, so at Thailand, I just need to click publish because i know, i will be busy there!
Without further due, let check my latest xollection of handmade flower crown and.....
Wear your crown, Bae!
Oh ya! Bae is famous nickname nowadays and the meaning is baby!!

Outfit Diary : Black Love | Tips on how to wear black dress?

Hi there!
Happy Sunday to you from me.
Its time for outfit Sunday as per usual. Before that, I have something to confess...
I'm late for my church service today. Its not something that very proud to tell but lesson learned here, never late again!be punctual, my body and mind.
Move on from that bad example.. moving on to topic that I love the most. 
Its about clothes, more clothes and more clothesss. I am crazy in love with clothes!! 
Whenever I saw pretty or any clothes, my mind will go wild to think of any pairing I can do with it and if the pairing more than five in my mind, I will buy the clothes.
Tips from clothes lover like me, buy clothes that you can wear in my styles.
I bought this dress from vintage shop for RM20, very cheap, right?
I love the V neck and the length..oh gosh! I feel its totally worth to buy it.
This time, I wore it as simple dress for Church.
I will share five(5) tips to wear black dress, so click more..

My new hairstyle 2015

Holla there!
Happy Saturday and as usual, I hope you have a wonderful day.
The post today is really obvious..haha, yes.I finally make up my mind to try new hairstyle this year.I love my long hair so much so I decided to not to cut it instead just cut my bang and...
 here it is.
 I always wanted to have bangs before but I was too afraid!
 As you can see, my face is round so if I had a bangs, my face become more round. But, this time, I don't care about my face getting round and rounder, this is my face and I should appreciate whatever I had. 
Beside, for round face like me, I still can have bangs but need to know trick to make my face look slimmer or smaller even with bangs. Based on my hairstylist ( I always visit their salon so I can called he as my hairstylist..hehe), ask to cut fringe bangs, no no for very straight bangs.
Actually, I am not really expert on hair but I always get advise from the hairstylist.
She always know what I wanted and always share the tips with me. 
Last time, I went to their saloon and complain about my hair growing so slow and she tell me, there ways to make your hair growing fast. 
The tips is  " trim your hair around half 1" every month to cut the split end hair so it will grow faster".
 Need to remember, not just cut half 1" will make your hair grow faster but it may take time because its depends on your diet and how you take care of your hair too.
Without further due, let check out my shoot with my new hairstyle.

KeriitLeto DIY :: DIY Bouquet for Bride/Bridesmaid

Hi there!
Its Wednesday, we almost there(weekend!),hanging there my dear friends..hahha.
 This year, I decided to dedicate Wednesday for my DIY post.
I will make my newest DIY during my weekend and post it on Wednesday, I hope I can keep up with it.
Good luck to myself..hehe.
For the first DIY post in 2015, this project was inspired from my friend's wedding last year.
I make kudusama boutonnieres for her wedding and you can check it here.
During that time, I received many positive words regarding the boutonnieres (thanks for the good words!!), and I was inspired to try make it into bouquet.
So, here the final result of my first try.

Outfit Tips :: How to wear a button up shirt over a dress

Hello there!
Let learn something useful today.
I always dreams to wear jacket every day because I feel like jacket can make the outfits look so stylish and I feel secure but living in this humid country make my dream not going come true very soon.
So, the solution is wearing my button up shirt since the fabric is very soft.
Here is how to wear a button up shirt over a dress or skirt.

Easy right?
If you feel insecure with your knot, I recommend to wear belt first and put your shirt inside it later.

See you on next outfits tips series next time.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

KeriitLeto( Aya)


Outfit Sunday :: Still in between..

Happy Sunday!
I hope you have a loveliest day today, don't be sad because our weekend is almost over. This is the our universe rules, everything is just temporary and don't always feel attached on something, you'll feel empty and hurt someday. 
Just doing your best in every moment and everything you do in your life.
Try to be kind and considerate on people around you, we don't know what kind of issue they facing in their life.
Whatever you want in this life, work for it while appreciate everything around you and what you own. If you already tired on what you owned, if it can be giveaway, just give it!
Before that, let me show my favorite quote today ::
"Love is not about possession, 
Love is all about appreciation"
Okay, as per today outfits..
My outfits today is very special because  I got this beautiful shirt from my ex colleagues. 
 I love the shirt! Thanks, K.Salmi :), I love it!
 When I look at this shirt on her last time, I remember that I told her, if I got this kind of shirt, I can pair it with bla bla( I hope she remember that..haha). I had so many pairing on my mind..haha, I always love shirt that I can wear many times. 
But, for now here is the first pairing.
More photos below::

Outfit Ideas ::5 ways to re-wear your bridesmaid dress.

Hello my dear friends!
Today ,I feel want to share something that maybe useful for bridesmaid out there. 
When you become bridesmaid for your friend, usually they will bought very pretty and gorgeous dress ( one of the reason I love being bridesmaid..hehe) and after the wedding has past, the bridesmaid dress just hanging there because we don't any idea how to wear it again. I think we are afraid for people notice you wear it again. But,how come I abandon the beautiful dress after the wedding has past, I need to wear again but of course, I try make it look different than wedding day.
The 5 ways as below ::


Random :: Another me

Happy Weekend!
Finally, the day I waiting for is here!!!
I've been patiently waiting for this day..haha, such a dramatic person, right? I wait for weekend la..
Yesterday, I tried my skill to capture photo of myself  without blur. Last time, whenever I take photo of myself with help of remote, my photos is always blur and I really don't like it. 
After adjusting some setting on my camera and I start do my crazy stuff. I don't even eat my dinner because of this craziness!
I am quite happy with the result and I will keep improving. 
For this time, I just take upper body only because my backdrop is not enough for me..
Let's verify my craziness first..hehe

Outfit Sunday: White and blue | First outfit diary 2015!

Hello my dear friends!
Happy Sunday!
Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day today!
As usual, my Sunday mean went to Church and hanging out with my friends to catch up hot and sometime not so hot issue, just talking to each other is enough to make us smile.
And here is my first outfit shoot this year! Yeah!! I am so happy to back to this routine.
As for today, I wore my white shirt with blue jeans. I realized that I am very big fan of white and blue, most of my outfit was blue and white..haha. Should I move on this year? But, I am having fun with this color..hehe.
This shirt quite big for me as you can see but that doesn't matter because I feel free move with it and I feel so comfortable whenever I wore it.
Okay, without further due..let's see my outfit today.

Outfit Diary : My outfits diary 2014 review!

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my blog again.
 If you are first time here, big WELCOME!! :), it good to see you here.
I been seen a lot of my favorite blogger do their outfit throwback 2014, so I feel like I wanna do it too ( even though my outfits is not really fancy and stylish as them but still I wanna do it).
2014 is the year I bravely enough to try doing outfit shoot. I know sometime my friends get "annoyed" with me for taking photos every time ( Sunday especially), I am sorry friends aka my loyal photographers..hehe
Without further due, let see the outfits diary.


Lets do the 27 dresses!

Photo by Elyss Mering

Hello again!
Time for marathon of my year end post. I hope you do not boring.
Firs, I will share the 27 dresses version of mine. If you do not know what is 27 dresses, you can find it on google.com and you'll know what I talking about..hehe.
I love being bridesmaid, not because of the dresses and all the make up but I feel great to be involved and helping my cousins or friends on their wedding day, that's the only thing I can do. Sometime, I feel so addicted to be bridesmaids, I always wanted to be there in my friends big day, I know, sometime I feel like I am too addicted being bridesmaid but I like it. 
In 2014, I managed to be bridesmaids for two of my friends and for the first time, I being bridesmaid for Malay's bride, such a good experience for me.
Okay, without further due, let's take a look of my latest experience being maid of honor for 2014.
Please click read more for more photos.

Hello! Two thousand fifteen!

Photo credit : pinterest.com

Hello my dear friends..
Long time no see!!
How's you guys doing?Hope everything is fine and great so far.
I missed my blog so much.  My village no outside communcation so that why I can't update what I up to whenever I went back home. I used to that and I like it! No phone, no laptop, only spending my precious and great time with my family and friends. I feel like this moment is like therapy for me, no communication with outside world, I feel great but one thing I missed is MY BLOG!hahhaha.. Before is too late, I wanna wish...