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Hello! Two thousand fifteen!

05 January 2015

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Hello my dear friends..
Long time no see!!
How's you guys doing?Hope everything is fine and great so far.
I missed my blog so much.  My village no outside communcation so that why I can't update what I up to whenever I went back home. I used to that and I like it! No phone, no laptop, only spending my precious and great time with my family and friends. I feel like this moment is like therapy for me, no communication with outside world, I feel great but one thing I missed is MY BLOG!hahhaha.. Before is too late, I wanna wish...


I know, its already 5 January but its not too late right??
Hope this year will be one of your great year in your life.
As for #Keriitleto here, I have so much resolutions and wishes for #Keriitleto, I can't reveal here because I want action speak louder than words! Just wait and see what happen to #Keriitleto this year. As for myself, I mean personal resolution, so far there no resolution for myself yet because I just can think of #Keriitleto resolution now..haha
If you are new here, thanks for visiting and read my blog and I always talked about #Keriitleto here and maybe you curious what or who is Keriitleto?, Keriitleto is my blog name, the meaning is young girl and its Kenyah words. What do you think of this name? I hope you find it great!
I have big dream for #Keriitleto this year and I will take it seriously than previous year, so I hope you support me.
2014 is warm up time,
2015 is game time. 
As I said above, let action speak louder than words.

Let talk about New Year celebration.
How was your New Year celebration? 
You must be watch the fireworks and scream out loud, happy new year right? No matter how you celebrated it, I hope you have the great one and you feel good about it.
As for me, I celebrated new year with my family at my village and I feel so thankful for this new year because I can be the first one wished Happy New Year to my dad, mum and some of my sibling, such a long time I don't managed to be the first person to wished them happy new year and now the chance come, I am so glad. One moment that I really want to remember for the whole of my life is my dad and I sitting together with holding each other hand and we prayed together for his health and for the good things to happen to our family this year. I believe there nothing impossible to happen when we one in prayer.

Before I end my new year post, just wanna give teaser/sneak peek for next post!
It obviously about wedding..hehe

I will share my story during Christmas 2014 and my year end holiday too, so hope to see you soon on Keriitleto blog!

Take care and be positive always.


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