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KeriitLeto DIY : Wear your crown, Bae!

28 January 2015

Hi there from here!
Today is Wednesday and its time foe for Keriitleto DIY.Fuhh! I keep my promise to post DIY every Wednesday this year.Yay!
If you follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto keriitleto_estellepaya, or visit my blog, you'll see I always make handmade flower crown crown. Yes, I rrally love to make handmade flower,super love yo!
I always make handmade flower flower crown whenever I feel stuffy and feel like life is hard, so to forget all the negative feeling, I make handmade flower crown.
And, whenever i start think of iy, i make one and then two and three..haha
I currently on my business trip and this poat was made before I go for business trip, so at Thailand, I just need to click publish because i know, i will be busy there!
Without further due, let check my latest xollection of handmade flower crown and.....
Wear your crown, Bae!
Oh ya! Bae is famous nickname nowadays and the meaning is baby!!

Thank you for visit my blog!
If you ever interested on my handmade flower crown, you can contact me via email below;

Thanks Bae!! Hehe


P/s: Dont forget to visit again for useful outfits tips!

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