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Lets do the 27 dresses!

05 January 2015

Photo by Elyss Mering

Hello again!
Time for marathon of my year end post. I hope you do not boring.
Firs, I will share the 27 dresses version of mine. If you do not know what is 27 dresses, you can find it on and you'll know what I talking about..hehe.
I love being bridesmaid, not because of the dresses and all the make up but I feel great to be involved and helping my cousins or friends on their wedding day, that's the only thing I can do. Sometime, I feel so addicted to be bridesmaids, I always wanted to be there in my friends big day, I know, sometime I feel like I am too addicted being bridesmaid but I like it. 
In 2014, I managed to be bridesmaids for two of my friends and for the first time, I being bridesmaid for Malay's bride, such a good experience for me.
Okay, without further due, let's take a look of my latest experience being maid of honor for 2014.
Please click read more for more photos.

With the groom..oh!before I forget, that boutonnieres is handmade by me, what do ya think?

Here, with the bride!

Some other bridesmaids

Bridesmaid in action, take 1..hehe

Bridesmaid in action take 2

Laughing is medicine of sad heart

Show some back..hehhe

Groom and bride is busy with their guest so here we are, posing in front of camera!

Our friends was taken now but we will always be your friends and always be there for you. Be happy my dear friends!
Next is.... you know it Elyss!!
Thanks for visit and reading my blog.

Love from Keriitleto,

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