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My new hairstyle 2015

24 January 2015

Holla there!
Happy Saturday and as usual, I hope you have a wonderful day.
The post today is really obvious..haha, yes.I finally make up my mind to try new hairstyle this year.I love my long hair so much so I decided to not to cut it instead just cut my bang and...
 here it is.
 I always wanted to have bangs before but I was too afraid!
 As you can see, my face is round so if I had a bangs, my face become more round. But, this time, I don't care about my face getting round and rounder, this is my face and I should appreciate whatever I had. 
Beside, for round face like me, I still can have bangs but need to know trick to make my face look slimmer or smaller even with bangs. Based on my hairstylist ( I always visit their salon so I can called he as my hairstylist..hehe), ask to cut fringe bangs, no no for very straight bangs.
Actually, I am not really expert on hair but I always get advise from the hairstylist.
She always know what I wanted and always share the tips with me. 
Last time, I went to their saloon and complain about my hair growing so slow and she tell me, there ways to make your hair growing fast. 
The tips is  " trim your hair around half 1" every month to cut the split end hair so it will grow faster".
 Need to remember, not just cut half 1" will make your hair grow faster but it may take time because its depends on your diet and how you take care of your hair too.
Without further due, let check out my shoot with my new hairstyle.

For me, wearing this bangs with fedora hat is the best style everrrrr..
I really love to wear this hat but too bad, my country weather not really suitable to wear like this but I can, just cannot bear with weird eyes and beside that, its too hot here..ahha, so I just wear it as my shoot prop..hehe but I still hoping I can wear it to cool country very soon..hehe

Of course my favorite sunglasses will take part of this day..hehe

and, I will always strike my pose..hehe

Oh my hair..ehehe

Okay back to original look..

Omona, my white dress is accidentally make "debut" in the blog today..
I will make official debut for her next time..hehe

Before I end today post, let me pose with my favorite hat again.
This hat will never out of style..

So, what do you think of this hairstyle on me?
You can't say it not suit me now because I can't connect back my hair..hahahhaha, just kidding!
Whatever you think inside your heart, thanks and have a great day always!
See you on next post!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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