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Outfit Ideas ::5 ways to re-wear your bridesmaid dress.

17 January 2015

Hello my dear friends!
Today ,I feel want to share something that maybe useful for bridesmaid out there. 
When you become bridesmaid for your friend, usually they will bought very pretty and gorgeous dress ( one of the reason I love being bridesmaid..hehe) and after the wedding has past, the bridesmaid dress just hanging there because we don't any idea how to wear it again. I think we are afraid for people notice you wear it again. But,how come I abandon the beautiful dress after the wedding has past, I need to wear again but of course, I try make it look different than wedding day.
The 5 ways as below ::

1. Pairing with button up shirt.

Button up shirt not just for office/formal attire but it can be very useful because you can make it as a jacket by rolling up the shirt and tuck in inside the shirt. I will make another post how to roll and tuck in inside the shirt.

I really love this only I can wear it..haha

I love my camera..haha

2. Pairing it with denim jacket

This denim jacket will be never out of style. I love to have this denim jacket because I can wear it with almost of my dress and outfits. annnd... don't forget the sunglasses!hehhe

3. Pairing with cardigan

You should own your favorite cardigan because this one also can be pairing with almost of the outfits. Put some skinny belt to emphasize your waist and tadaa..

4. Pairing with kimono cardigan and belt on it.

Blue and white pairing is always my favorite color combination and here is the proof again..haha.

I wore it with my high heels for extra high for someone short like me..haha
and swing the skirt like a bae..hehe

I love this dress so much because I can swing it like this..hehe

And, not to forget..this flower crown. This flower crown was made for one of my client, its blue and white again!

 5. Wear it with some accessories such as hat and belt or any...

This one is simplest pairing ever..

Yeah! That's end my post today.

 I hope you find it inspired and for the bride to be, whenever choose your bridesmaid dress, always find dress that can be wear again in future.
And, last photo is how to do I look when went for my outfit shoot..
bags everywhere..hehe
I love it!!!
If I need to carry all my outfit like this everyday, I am okay with that.
and, I ever need to do outfit shoot like this every day, I will be forever thankful and always do my best in everything!
But, I will always remember to appreciate everything that I had now and work hard for what I want!

Thanks for visiting and read my blog!
See you again!

Thanks and love,

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