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Outfit Sunday :: Still in between..

18 January 2015

Happy Sunday!
I hope you have a loveliest day today, don't be sad because our weekend is almost over. This is the our universe rules, everything is just temporary and don't always feel attached on something, you'll feel empty and hurt someday. 
Just doing your best in every moment and everything you do in your life.
Try to be kind and considerate on people around you, we don't know what kind of issue they facing in their life.
Whatever you want in this life, work for it while appreciate everything around you and what you own. If you already tired on what you owned, if it can be giveaway, just give it!
Before that, let me show my favorite quote today ::
"Love is not about possession, 
Love is all about appreciation"
Okay, as per today outfits..
My outfits today is very special because  I got this beautiful shirt from my ex colleagues. 
 I love the shirt! Thanks, K.Salmi :), I love it!
 When I look at this shirt on her last time, I remember that I told her, if I got this kind of shirt, I can pair it with bla bla( I hope she remember that..haha). I had so many pairing on my mind..haha, I always love shirt that I can wear many times. 
But, for now here is the first pairing.
More photos below::

This white midi skirt was my 26 birthday present from my lovely friends!

Thanks Yun, Wendy and Bulan for this lovely midi skirt. I really appreciate it and I love it because I can wear it many times, and never feel tired of it. And, here is the proof..hehe

Can I be honest with you guys?
Actually, I love sandals more than heels.. but heels can make me look taller..
Still in between now..
I had such a big forehead right?
In Kenyah language, we call forehead= anang.
Sometime I feel so frustrated about that but what can I do? Just appreciate it and go live with this big forehead but I heard people said "big forehead girl is the smart girl", haha.. I will believe in that!

There only one concern about this shirt is the collar. 
I am not sure how to style it. For now, just let it like this but it look so messy right?

This is my 3rd time feature this mini handbag on my blog. 
I love it because it so small and so tiny!

Take photos with this little girl as many as I can because one day she will getting "older"..haha (just kidding!!)

My two "bodyguards"..haha
No la..they're my friends. We are from Data Kakus and we are Kenyah badeng!

That all for my outfit sunday outfits today.
What do you think of outfit today? 
Nay or yay?

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I hope you find my post today make you feel inspired and feel happy.
See you next time on another post!

::::Sneak peek on next post on Wednesday  ::::

Thanks and God bless you,

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