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16 January 2015

Happy Weekend!
Finally, the day I waiting for is here!!!
I've been patiently waiting for this day..haha, such a dramatic person, right? I wait for weekend la..
Yesterday, I tried my skill to capture photo of myself  without blur. Last time, whenever I take photo of myself with help of remote, my photos is always blur and I really don't like it. 
After adjusting some setting on my camera and I start do my crazy stuff. I don't even eat my dinner because of this craziness!
I am quite happy with the result and I will keep improving. 
For this time, I just take upper body only because my backdrop is not enough for me..
Let's verify my craziness first..hehe

Obviously, this is favorite pose yesterday. One sided..and there reason behind it....
Its because of my pimples?! or allergy ?! I don't know..something wrong with my right angle..
But, don't worry! Try another side of me..hehe

The craziness continue with my "Christmas light!".. I saw it and I'm thinking to make it as prop and here it is..hahha

But, one thing I love about this prop is give extra light for my camera. So, I look more fairer and I think its awesome effect to my eyes..

Next is my old cap..that I always love!

Here it is!!! My hair..I can't believe it this long already..I'm super duper happy with it!!hahhahaaaaaa

And, not to forget the close up!hahhaha..I know I know! my skin is look edit here.

This light always make me feel everyday is Christmas day!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Tomorrow, I will share beautiful and useful tips for ladies out there!
Make sure you visit keriitleto again tomorrow! 

Thanks and love,

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