Hi there!
As usual, here is my outfit Sunday. It's look like I'm not move on with midi skirt yet.Yes, I am. I'm not moving on yet.Still in love! The midi skirt may not really big trend this years but I don't mind to wear it again and again, its too comfortable for me, hide all the weakness I have. I have so much collection of midi skirt, some of them I still can't wear it yet, need to line up. And, the blue and white pairing make comeback today.I miss blue and white! But, this one is not typical blue and white pairing. 
Its blue stripped shirt and floral skirt. Overall look still look like blue and white.haha

Outfit Diary : Pattern clash | I don't mind!

22 February 2015

Hi everyone!
Second day of my Chinese New Year holiday,yay! I don't want to waste time during this holiday.So, I went to Bukit Tinggi with my friends.This is my second time went here after my last visit on 2012. Wow! How the time flies, its already 2 years ago. 
Now, its time to update the memory here. I will make another post about my mini trip to Bukit Tinggi. On this post, I will share about my travel outfit yesterday.

Outfit Diary : Grey and blue ( Happy Holiday,friends!)

20 February 2015

Hello everyone!
I officially start my Chinese New Year holiday today, yay! It's time to focus on what I love the most in my life for this moment..hehe, you know what it is.
Here is my first outfit diary for this holiday.
It's red and black. Yes, another red and black again in February! But you can wear this anytime you want. Once I fall in love with any color combination, I can't stop myself to do the pairing with same color again..haha. I am someone that will keep love something until I feel "I'm done" and then, I will move on.

Outfit Diary : Red and black (Happy Chinese New Year 2015!)

18 February 2015

Hi lovely!
Happy Sunday!
As usual, here is my Sunday outfit today. Surprisingly, I wore red..
I rarely wear red in my life because I always thought its too bright and I will get noticed easily everywhere..haha, but who care right? I start to love red when I saw one mini handbag in red and I just can't help falling in love with that mini handbag(of course, she is mine now..can't wait to debut her!). And, I think I like red this time because this is the month of red ( Valentine's day and Lunar year celebration), red is everywhere right?

Outfit Diary: Black and red | Happy Valentine 2015!

15 February 2015

Happy Saturday!
It's good day to go out and having a good time.
When I am happy I will wear white and blue.. I only love this color..haha.
and, currently I am in love with any deer illustration, such a good illustration I ever seen.
More deer to come soon..hehe

Outfit Diary : White deer

14 February 2015

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Hi there!
First of all, Happy Valentine's day to everyone that celebrate it.
Valentine's day is the day we celebrate love but everyday is the day to celebrate love.
If you are single, you deserve to celebrate Valentine's day too, don't feel sad, lonely and lock yourself inside your room thinking "what's wrong with me?" and "why don't I have a date on this day?" . Don't blame yourself for small thing like this. 

Happily single!

Hi there!
Another travel post is here.
I traveling to Vietnam or more specific, Ho Chi Minh(HCM) city for 3 times already and I feel so comfortable whenever I went there, meaning I can went anywhere I want without use google maps(online) but just simple maps still..hehe or sometime, I asking local people for guide.

Travel Diary : What to do in Ho Chi Minh city in one day?

13 February 2015

People always said " Photos talk more than anything", so here I am presenting my photo diary in Bangkok last week.
Wherever I went, I always take photos because I want show it to my dad when I go back home and tell him my experiences, I really love that :).
and if you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto_estellepaya), you already see many photos there.
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Bangkok,Thailand Photo diary

09 February 2015

Location : Suvarnabhumi Airport

Hi there!
The travel post is about to begin.
My last week is full of blast because I have chance to visit two country within 10 days. The first country is Thailand in Bangkok city for the very first time. 
I traveled to Bangkok because of my main work and lucky me I got one day in Bangkok while wait for my flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on next day.
So, since I have only one day what should I do?
The night before Saturday, I do my own research about what places to visit in Bangkok and there so many recommend places to go.
Without further due, let's get our one day journey in Bangkok!

Hi ladies!
Today, we will make another "history" on my blog as this is my first time doing product review here.Usually, if the product good or work for me, I just keep it myself because I'm not sure it will be good on others.
But, this time I can't resist to share about this lipbalm. It totally make me fall in love with lipbalm. What I like about this lipbalm is its make my lips looks so healhty as you can see on most of my photos below..hehe, no editing there. And, its long lasting for sure.. I wore it for my airports day..hehe ( but not really recommend because later the immigration not really recognize you..haha).
This my current favorite..and I find the name of this lipbalm also interesting, its Red wine and the price just RM16++ if not mistaken. And, easy to buy.. you can buy it at Watson store.
In the name of favorite, I do my own shoot in the hotel that I stayed in Bangkok last week.
My first day in Bangkok so not sure what to do, so I enjoy the view of the hotel and do this shoot for sure.
Hope you like this review..hehe and the photos?!
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KeriitLeto Review : SilkyGirl Lipbalm review!

08 February 2015

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