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Happily single!

14 February 2015

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Hi there!
First of all, Happy Valentine's day to everyone that celebrate it.
Valentine's day is the day we celebrate love but everyday is the day to celebrate love.
If you are single, you deserve to celebrate Valentine's day too, don't feel sad, lonely and lock yourself inside your room thinking "what's wrong with me?" and "why don't I have a date on this day?" . Don't blame yourself for small thing like this. 

You can celebrate Valentine's day with friends, family, your pet and even with your precious handbags/shoes, that you admired for so long (this one sound creepy,doesn't?).
Staring at them all day long is very good thing..hehe, just joking!
No matter who you are and what your relationship status, you deserve to celebrate this day like everyone.Since its Valentine's day, I think I should write one article about it. I know, for single ladies/man out there, this is just another ordinary day of the year and obviously we don't have any date today right? Don't worry, don't be sad ( we not sad, don't we?). Hopefully, it can entertain you a little bit.
And, today I am going to reveal my top 6 reason I like being single.

Eat whatever I want, anytime and anywhere
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I love food and eating them, especially the unhealthy one..buhahaha( not like photo above..I just don't like vege).  Who doesn't love the delicious french fries with ice cream? ( I ate french fries like that, dip it on ice cream..yummy!)
I'm not saying that, if you in relationship you can't eat whatever you want, yes you still can. 
But, deep down inside your heart, you want to control what you eat to make sure always looking good with your partner or whatever.I know, people always said " true love is not about physical but it all about your heart".  I think yes and no! No further discussion on this..haha but its depends on the person actually. 
Being single, no one stop you, I eat whatever I want in anytime I want. That's why I gained a lot of weight and that make me feel so fat and happy at the same time but I don't care anymore. I think I'm still in good condition. hahha.But, don't get too fat ladies, later its hard to lose weight..hahha.

Buy whatever I want
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This one is applicable to single and working ladies out there. You no need to ask permission or asked someone to buy  what you like. Like it, buy it!
If you can afford and capable to buy it, just get it Bae!. But, need to remember, no financial support from anybody, your financial is your control and all the consequences on you.
Don't buy with emotional ladies!
Buy with smart mind!
I admit, I still in improvement on this..
But, most of all, I can buy what I want! 

Freedom is awesome!
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Who don't like freedom! Everyone love it!
I still remember the moment I face big break up in my life, one thing that I feel is I feel free! 
I am not saying my past relationship is bad things but there so much issue that out of my control. Finally, I feel like I no need to bother with any commitment issues and all I know is all about me. Sound very selfish right? Yes, I am selfish like a fish..haha. I just don't like being control by anyone or any commitment. I love free life. Do whatever I want.
Last year, my mum(We') said this to me "its normal for girl in my age now wanna be alone but you need to find partner for your life", thanks mum for reminding me.
But, mummy love ( We' love), I love being like this for now and don't worry about me.

Being independent all the time
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This one is uh la la..
Being single ladies mean you need to be independent all the time.You need to handle everything in your life. Start from girl stuff to guys stuff like car.
I really hate to take care of car..arghh! I just know how to drive the car and other than that, my knowledge about car is zero! But, I can't be like this forever, I need to read that manual car and remember it if you want to be safe and secure!
Thanks to my car expert friends, they help me a lot on this!
For now I get to know about car a little bit!

Travel alone 
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I love travel especially travel alone. If you read my travel post, I always went alone ( one reason is because its my work and second reason, I just love to travel alone, one of my wishes in my life before I reach 30).
What I love travel alone is I no need to wait for my queue to take bath and follow the schedule and handle of the tension of travel together and all the useless and childish stuff that couple do..haha, I just go and do whatever I want. If I feel don't want go to certain places, than I don't want go there!
One thing that I hate travel alone is no one capture my photos. But its okay, as long as I can get take photos of environment around me.
Next wish list is _______ pro!hehe.

Crush on someone(secretly)

No commitment to anybody so I can change my heart anytime you want..
You can have crush on anyone and keep it secret among with your friends and having fun with the crushing time. Its crazy but its fun!
I have a lot of man that I crush on now, so take care handsome and mainstream man..buahhahaha.
But, this is proof that I still into man,right?ahhaha.
Single is not mean I am not into man, okay.

I'm happy with my life right now
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I can say that, I am happy with my life right now.
I love and proud of myself
I love my life no matter what, I am grateful
I love my family more than I do before
I love my things especially my handbags, shoes, clothes..
I love my car, my oppa love..
I love and hate my job( can I say this??hahaha..)
I love my camera
I love my laptop, when we apart I miss you much!
I love my everything that I bought with my own money
I love KeriitLeto blog too, she is my baby loovee..

For me, being single is not a bad thing but its a really good thing that ever happen to me. Its make me learned seriously about my life, I start to communicate very well with my family and friends, not depends on anybody and major thing that I learned is never love someone if you not love yourself enough. 
If you recently face your big breakup, don't give up girls! The good day will be there for you. What you need to do now is stop that tears, throw everything that remind of the past relationship and follow your smart heart, I know you have one. Don't give up easily on yourself.
For people that in love, take care of someone you love very well, never feel boring to love your loved one. You the one that decide to said you'll love her/him for whole of your life and keep that promise, okay?



for visiting and read my blog!
See ya next post!


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